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Chris Henry's legacy lives on

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  • Chris Henry's legacy lives on

    Not sure if anyone saw this, Chris Henry's mother donated his organs so that 4 other families could live on. If u have like 6-7 min, watch's almost like Seven Pounds, ugh...sad, and yet it makes u thankful,


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    I heard bits and pieces of it.

    Thanks for posting the link so that I can watch all of it.....later. I don't want tears in my dinner.

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      Tears yes, but happy tears. Chris's mother seems to have found such peace in knowing her son allowed these organ recipients-all these people-to live. Her choices allow her son to literally live on. My sympathies and my congratulations to her. Thanks for putting this up, Bark.


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        Very touching story. It's is nice to see something so positive and good come out of such a tragic and sad situation.

        To Chirs Henry's mother she is a strong person it must of been a intense moment when she met all the people Chris's organs saved. Thanks for posting this.