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  • Colts Coach Caldwell

    Seems like an awesome guy, but I have watched a lot of Colts games, and he is a very bad coach. He makes a lot of bad coaching decesions and if it wasnt for Manning they would suck. They miss Dungy ALOT!

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    I also lost respect for Tony Dungy. The post game show, Dungy said that Peyton made that throw (The last play before the FG), But when you watch it, You can clearly see that the throw is short, And not Blair's fault.


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      I don't think it was a bad call rex did the same thing when peyton had the ball rex's call was genius caldwell wasn't great but I don't think it wouldve made any difference


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        And caldwell is far from a bad coach. And he was also peytons qb coach for many years


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          Caldwell sucks and the defense sucks.
          Manning deserve better team. Hopefully he leaves indy.


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            If only they had the ballz to fire his sorrazz. I hated caldwell last year when he didn't let the Colts go for the undefeated season. He was outcoached in the SB. And today he was awful. Calling a dumb run on 3rd down late, the stupid challenge, and the timeout lol... I hope colts fans are calling for his head! John gruden would go there and win instantly lol