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    Originally posted by Da Swerski View Post
    All those things are true. The only difference between Denver and Chicago is the Bears are winning, and that's all that matters. For the first half of this season the Bears had no run game, and Forte was sucking. In the 2nd half Forte ran like a man possessed, and average 4.9 YPC in the last 9 games. Cutler also wound up being the best QB in the NFL at converting 3rd down in that same time span. Cutler still has to make that throw/run.

    Is Cutler in the class of Manning or Brady? NO, but neither is anyone else. Cutler is probably in the bottom part of the Top 10 QB's in the NFL. I'm sure Bears fans can live with that.
    Rodgers, Vick, Brees, Peyton, Schaub, Rivers, Brady, Roethlisberger.

    QB's off the top of my head that are better than Cutler right now.

    So yeah, back of the top 10.

    Depending on which Cutler shows up the rest of the playoffs, he could really move up or down the list for me.
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      Originally posted by rogue719 View Post
      What accomplishments? Leading the league in interceptions? Leading the league in being sacked?

      As for the playoffs, the Bears have perhaps the best special teams in the NFL this year and they also have the 4th best defense. The Bears offense, on the other hand, ranked either 30th or 31st, depending on the week. The Bears succeeded by making Cutler hand off more and throw less. Their running game seemed to be successful in spite of the so-called "worst offensive line in the NFL" as I've seen Cutler fans post.

      Folks, the Broncos had an offensive line that was just about as bad this past season when we had the 32nd ranked running game in the league. And Orton was sacked nearly as often as Cutler, so boo-hoo Cutler's problems.

      When the Bears had a similar situation with a strong defense and one of the best special teams in the NFL, they went to the playoffs with a rookie Kyle Orton.

      I repeat: seduced by the million dollar arm and not concerned with the ten cent brain attached to it.
      This is the same type of tool that was saying Cutler didnt do eufff in 2008 (win 8 games) when his defense sucked. Now he has a defense in chicago and all the haters can say the defense is the only reason they are winning. Cant have it both ways. Let go the hate man. If you should hate anyone it JMD for trading him. Most teams get only one elite talent at QB in a life time . We had 2 and JMD p*ssed it away. I bet this guy is still supporting JMD in other posts

      Oh ya Cutler has won 11-games with just as bad of offensive talent ( I think the broncos are far superior ) Orton and Tebow won 4 combined. Nice work JMD
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      My friends over at Sports Radio Interviews sent me a link to an interview Pat Bowlen did with a Chicago-area radio station. While there is nothing earth-shattering here. Below is a segment of the transcript -

      What are the Bears getting in Jay Cutler?

      “They’re getting an extremely talented young quarterback.”

      Some one Please name me the last successful NFL QB that had to be taught how to throw the ball correctly.