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So whose rooting for Cutler this weekend ?

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  • Originally posted by Kno-Sean View Post
    I love people like you. You think you are so smart don't you?

    You honestly think that the Bears are in the position they are in all because of Jay Cutler? The Bears went to the SB with Rex Grossman.

    Do you really think if Jay Cutler was here in Denver we would be playing today? Karma has absolutely nothing to do with it. The Bears running game and defense is the reason why they are about to go to the NFC Championship game.
    Don't talk smack if you haven't even watched the Bears games all season.

    Chicago Loves Jay more than you'd imagine. Jay won multiple games on his own this season despite that offensive line and receivers they have.

    Don't hate because he's great


    • Originally posted by White Dragon View Post
      The Packers are playing in a different world right now. This is by far a different team than the one that played in week 17.
      The reasons I don't like Cuter are many, the most prominent one is his attitude.

      Lastly, are you living is some alternate universe? The Broncos have never been 2-14.
      They have only played one game since the teams last met yet they are "by far a different team" .... who is living in the alternate universe again lol

      As for 2-14, obviously I made a typo.... we still have the 2nd worst record in the NFL which was part of the point I made correct? Yea thought so.

      Get over it Cutler haters. If Ellis and/or Bowlen were half as smart as Cutler about McD the Destroyer then this team would not be a fuming pile of crap right now.

      People may not like how Cutler carries himself but least he does not cheat or constantly waste draft the guy Ellis and Bowlen would rather have then Cutler.

      Anyone still in doubt about who the real "bad guy" was in McJayGate is beyond help.
      Skill + Effort = Talent. Talent + Effort = Achievement. A. Duckworth - Grit.


      • Oh and I posted in another thread but I am hoping the Bears lose this week or next...does not matter.

        I hope a team covers Olsen all day and the WRs let the Bears down HARD.

        Then I hope the Bears send us a 2nd round draft pick for Eddie Royal, a guy who caught 90 passes from Cutler.

        We need to get Decker and DT on the field more and for that to happen some WRs need to go. We also need to get a good recieving TE which means the WRs will not be playing as much next year as this year so we do not need 5 WRs who can start on allot of teams.
        Skill + Effort = Talent. Talent + Effort = Achievement. A. Duckworth - Grit.