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Down to four teams... rank them based on who you would like to see win Superbowl XLV

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  • Down to four teams... rank them based on who you would like to see win Superbowl XLV

    Now that we're down to four teams... let's all rank who'd we like to see win the SB.

    For me...

    #1 - da Bears (I've always liked them, I'm a Cutler fan and a Josh hater)
    #2 - Packers (Wouldn't mind seeing Aaron and the Pack win one... kinda like a small slap in Favre's face)
    #3 - J - e - t - s... Jets (I usually don't like any NY team in any sport but see below)
    #4 - Squeelers (Use to be a big Steeler fan (living in Steeler country) but I switched to Denver in the early 90s. Loved watching Elway play and the long line of awful Steeler QBs back then helped me with the move. Steeler fans haven't helped either...
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    2. Bears
    3. Jets
    4. Stealers


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      1- Packers
      2- Jets
      3- Steelers
      4- Bears


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        Bears-Cutler, and couple buddies are Bears fans.
        Steelers-My dad is a Steeler fan, even though I get sick of them
        Packers- I like Rodgers, and I think they as a team are just stacked
        Jets- LT winning one after the Chargers

        Overall I kind of don't care who wins now that the Pats are out, I'd be happy with any of the four.
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          I would like to see Jay win a superbowl. BEARS


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            1-Jets(big fan of Rex Ryan and the green gang but It's a tossup because I'd love to see Clay Matthews win)
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              1. Jets. Big Rex Ryan fan. Know he talks allot but he says publically that 90% other teams say behind closed doors, he just has the courage to tell everyone what he thinks. I usually HATE New York teams so this is odd

              2. Packers. Rodgers was the 1st pick in both of my fantasy teams this year (one was the 1st overall pick). Led me to 1st and 3rd places. Really like that defense, it is something we could have been if we made the right moves. Remember they went to the 3-4 the same year we did.

              3. Chicago. I have always said Cutler is a good QB, he would struggle in 2009, play better in 2010 and return to Pro Bowl form when the talent around him gets better. Only reason I have them this low is I think if they lose and their WRs let them down we can pluck a good draft pick from them for one of our WRs...probably Royal...I bet Cutler would lobby for Royal.

              4. Pitts. Would put them even lower if I could. I firmly believe not only does Big Ben sexually assault girls but the Pittsburg off duty police officers helped him do it. I know this game is about winning but the fact the city of Pittsburg still allows any of them to live in their city tells me everything I need to know about the character of people from pittsburg.
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                Originally posted by JrtheFreak View Post
                Now that we're down to four teams... let's all rank who'd we like to see win the SB.
                I really should list only 2 teams because I only want two teams to win the Super Bowl.

                The Desirable

                1. The Bears - obvious choice
                2. The Packers - obvious choice

                The Undesirables

                3. The Steelers - I hate the Steelers with a passion. But, surprisingly there is one team I would hate to see win the Super Bowl even more...
                4. The Jets - arrogant, rude, classless, and egocentric .... and that's when they aren't even playing football.
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                  # 1 - Bears -- I'm a Cutler fan unless he is playing the Broncos. And I love watching the Bears defense/Hester.

                  # 2 - Packers - Their coach deserves ridiculous praise for losing so many players to injury and still having such an awesome season. Aaron Rodgers will probably be mentioned with Brady and Manning after this season.

                  # 3 - Jets - I think Rex Ryan is funny, but they don't really have any players that I'm rooting for to get a ring or anything. Kind of an annoying group.

                  # 4 - Steelers - I like Hines Ward and their entire defense basically but they have already won 2 rings so who cares if they win another.


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                    1. Jets. I kind of like the brash style of the team.
                    2. Bears. Would like to see Brian Urlacher win a ring.
                    3. Packers. Have a lot of respect for Aaron Rodgers
                    4. Steelers. Sick of seeing the Steelers win superbowls. They're a good franchise though.


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                      1. Packers. Aaron Rodgers elevates that team to another level. And there is that whole Brett Favre thing..but mostly Aaron Rodgers.

                      2. Jets. They have a heck of a balanced attack, and kept Brady off balance all day yesterday. They do that again...they have a shot. Okay...and Denver lost to that means we lost against the SB champs. Not much, but thre it is. I know...we lost a lot of games...

                      3. Bears. They are the local team, but I just don't like them. Not because of Cutler...I've just never liked them.

                      4. Steelers. Hate Ben Rothleisburger. I can't look past his off the field actions. I just can't. And as I mentioned in another thread...they've won a lot of rings in the recent past. I want to see someone "new" get the title.
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                        1. Packers - If they win the Super Bowl, there's a chance that I'll have the Monday after the Super Bowl off. :thumb:

                        2. Steelers - I know they've won 6 already, but my dad coached a Pittsburgh linebacker in high school.

                        3. Bears - I have a few friends who are Bear fans, so whatever.

                        4. Jets - Looking forward to hearing about their Super Bowl victory from the New York media (and ESPN) for the rest of the off-season.

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                            I rank it like this:

                            #1 packers. I like their style of play.

                            #234 (all the same to me) I dislike all of these teams. One is ego centric and rude. Other has Cutler. Last one basically has the refs in their back pocket and rapethisburger on it.

                            As long as the pack wins I'm fine.


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                              1. Packers
                              2. Jets
                              3. Bears
                              4. Steelers
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