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Johnson to Restore his Name

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    Thread moved to Other NFL Teams.

    Also, the thread title has been edited to reflect some idea of its content.

    It might get closed here shortly too, as it might be redundant. I'll go check.

    Edit: Nope, I don't see another one.


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      I love Chad Johnson/Ochocinco.

      He doesn't cause his team any problems. He loves the game of football. He isn't in it for the money only (he's made that clear when he said the NFL can keep fining him, he isn't going to stop). He is a pretty damn good receiver. Plus, he is funny as hell.

      Haters gonna hate.
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        Originally posted by Alastor
        I like Johnson. He's a good receiver, he has a friendly personality, and even when he talks smack it's playful. I love how he constantly runs his mouth to Champ and then gets his ass handed to him too - but Johnson acknowledges it every time as well.

        The whole name change thing is strange and I'm not entertained by it, but whatever. He's trying to market himself (see Dennis Rodman for details).

        He's a good guy though, and he is a very good receiver. I have nothing against the guy. He's never in the news for smacking his wife, getting in fights, or shooting himself in the leg.

        The name change stuff is weird and kind of fruity if you ask me, but whatever. I like Johnson fine though, both as a player and as a person.
        Nice post Alastor, I agree.


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          some of the best smack you broncos fans lay down isn't even in the smack section lol :thumb:


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            Never called him Ocho.... His mamma named him Johnson, I'mma call him Johnson.