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    Both Coach Fisher and the Titans are "Screwed" with this deal.
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      If Vince Young isn't returning, the Titans should make a play for both Morningweig and Kolb.


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        Does anyone else have a feeling we can see one of the big names take this team over? For some reason I just keep thinking "Cowher".


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          Originally posted by 4th Amigo View Post
          Here's an interesting little tidbit about Fisher I didn't know.....

          So I went on to Wikipedia to see what his overall record was, and learned that:

          1) He was a part of the 1985 SB winning Bears team.....and
          2) In 1983, he had his leg broken on a tackle from a punt return....the guy making the takle that broke is leg? Bill Cowher.......

          I just found those two things interesting......
          haha maybe its a weird omen and Bill Cowher is gonna steal his thunder again and take over the Titans?


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            What really bugs me about this is that some good coaches/assistants are likely going to be out of work, and there is little they can do to get a good NFL job.....whereas a month or two ago they would have been in the hunt for a number of positions.


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              The Titans are one of the worst franchises in the NFL. For 17 years they gave Jeff Fisher nothing to work with. The biggest free agent Tennessee ever got was Chris Hope. They constantly let the players Fisher developed walk away. ( Rolle,Mason,KVB,Kearse,Haynesworth, etc) and he still has managed to get his teams into the playoffs, and in Super Bowl contention more then a few times. He's by far the 2nd best coach in the NFL, and now everyone will see how bad that team actually is. They'll be at the bottom of the league with the Bills and Browns for years to come.