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Aaron Rodgers - A Story of Patience, Class and Amazing Talent!

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  • Aaron Rodgers - A Story of Patience, Class and Amazing Talent!

    If I was given the choice of all QBs to pick for a new team, I'd take Aaron Rodgers. He can do it all........pass, run, lead! And he deserves to be where he is today, 60 minutes of football from a potential SB Ring!

    Those years in the shadow of a legend....unfortunately a legend that just couldn't understand how to leave. A legend who has so many stats, but just one ring to show for it, something that his patient understudy can achieve early in his potentially legendary career!

    I'd love for Rodgers to match Favre next week. Forget about silencing the critics......Rodgers is a star, and it has all been earned on his own. He had a ton of pressure on him, with great expectations. Not his doing. He was drafted by the Packers. Simple as that.

    It's sort of ironic, but it almost seems like old Favre kept playing to try to stay way ahead of the young man who followed in his footsteps. It's almost like he is worried that the experts and fans will realize how good Rodgers really is, and maybe the legend will be in the shadow of the new guy once all the rings are counted. Okay, none of this may have any chance at reality, but it makes me wonder just a little bit......

    I am a big Aaron Rodgers fan.......I love the way he plays the game, and the way he carries himself. He is a good guy, and he is great QB in my books. Given time, he may be in the league of Favre (other than the continuous starts streak, which is mind boggling!!), when you combine the stats, the rings, the class and the talent. I think he is on the edge of greatness as we speak.

    To be sure, Favre is a legend. But it doesn't mean Rodgers can't be one as well......

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    Packers fans are spoiled.

    The get Favre for what, 15+ years, HOF QB.

    Now barring injury, Rodgers for 12-14+ more years, and in line for the HOF. Don't even have to wait that long for their next franchise QB.

    Rodgers is a great story, i'm hoping he shuts up his critics with a SB win if there are any left.


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      I'm tired of everyone in the world doing his championship belt thing.
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        Originally posted by JaysusCutler View Post
        I'm tired of everyone in the world doing his championship belt thing.
        I love the belt thing........I wasn't even sure what he was doing the first year with it.......thought it was some kind of macho Spanish thing, or whatever. Of course if I didn't luv the dude, maybe I'd think otherwise.

        Bottom line, he is the coolest QB out there, and it seems to me that the guy is just playing a fun game of football with his buds when he's out there.......smiling and talking.

        Aaron Rodgers is a special type of player......for me, the best in the game from all aspects. Not saying by a lot, but just sayin.