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Adrian Peterson compares himself to a slave

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    Originally posted by powderblues View Post
    All kinds of crap is going on around the world and they are arguing like kids over 9 billion dollars...


    Well the whole labor issue is a tad more complicated than that but if you want to dumb it down, thats cool.


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      Originally posted by BarkdogRX7 View Post
      Well the whole labor issue is a tad more complicated than that but if you want to dumb it down, thats cool.
      Why would I bother wasting my time explaining the situation which everyone already knows?

      Bottom line is it isn't the complicated factors of the labor issue, its more about the greediness of both sides.
      Rivers is deciding to play bad, just to see how it feels.


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        As some said, What it offensive is that he qualify himself and the other NFL player as modern day slaves...

        I dont know the backgroud of AP and his family, but comming from an educated individual who has more money garanteed than I am able to make in 40 years of working for an employer is a little over the top.

        I understand he wanted to illutrate the fact the owners and coaches (I am not conviced) dont care about the wellbeing of players when the 'force them' to play but seriously....
        He had free education so he could play football for an school I would not have the funds to apply. ok
        He was fortunate to have more talent than most of the college player at his position and level so he was look up by NFL teams. ok
        He was drafted by an NFL team wanting to obtain a better player at his position and willing to sign him to a contract
        Considering the fact that he had an agent and the said agent negociated his contract (and the fact he got 17 mil ganranteed out of 40 mil spread on 6 years) I fail to see where slavery comes into play....

        If he felt he was about to become a slave for the Vikings owner, why didn't he negociated a part of the franchise as a payment for his services (let's say 5% wich would be about 50 mil) ? Why did he sign the contract ?

        It is pure buffonery to miscaracterise what slavery his when talking about people who made a choice and are getting paid for it (well paid let's say)

        He and all the other player who think they are slaves can still retire and go do something else.....Once again where's the slavery in there?
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