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    Yet another rule that takes away from the physical aspect of this game. Why don't we just let them form debate teams to see whether the offense advances the ball or if the defense causes the ball to move backwards.

    Of course, Goodell would fine them for harsh language then, God forbid we hurt someone's FEELINGS. Sheeesh


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      Originally posted by the0rangecrush View Post
      Basically it means there will pretty much never be a return in mile high again lol
      That should help our chances - we are not exactly great in the return game


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        Ashamed Fan

        I just can't stand the fact that the owners (& everyone else in the organization that isn't a player) are acting like it's business as usual. Cheerleader tryouts? For what? there is nothing to watch without the gladiators out there. I am appalled that no one feels the same way I do. Pat Bowlen you ought to be ashamed of yourself, you players too. You say you care about the players, yet you arent coming to an agreement. And the players should get their s&%* together and accept what is given them. We the fan are the only ones getting the shaft and I am ashamed to be an NFL Fan right now.