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    Where Ingle Martin?
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      Originally posted by Southstander View Post
      Where Ingle Martin?
      Him and Quinn didn't make the cut. I do believe Flute is on someones list.
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        Final Top 10

        Here's the Players Choices for Top 10:

        1) Brady, T
        2) Manning P
        3) Peterson A
        4) Lewis R
        5) Reed E
        6) Polamalu T
        7) Johnson A
        8) Revis D
        9) Brees D
        10) Peppers J

        You had to believe Brady and Manning were 1-2, either way. I wasn't as high on Peterson (fumbling too much over the last few years) and Lewis (who deserved this ranking years ago, when he was in his prime.....possibly #1 back then). Otherwise it makes sense. After all, this has a lot to do with respect and body of work, regardless of how any of us think the selection criteria should work.

        Going forward, I see Aaron Rodgers pushing for #1 spot (if he has another great season this year, he easily moves past a group), Revis surpassing a number of the "respected" warriors who are coming of age, and folks like Ware, Clay Matthews, Chris and Calvin Johnson, Patrick Willis, possibly Suh and maybe even Michael Vick (if he too has solid back to back seasons), making a charge upwards. a few out as Von Miller rises up the list!!!!!!!!


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          Revis should be ahead of Johnson IMO. Who has won their battles. Revis.