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Family looking for answers after former Bengal shot by deputy

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  • Family looking for answers after former Bengal shot by deputy

    Family looking for answers after former Bengal shot by deputy
    BAKERSFIELD, Calif. -- Former Cincinnati Bengals running back David Lee "Deacon" Turner, 56, was shot and killed Sunday in front of a convenience store after he allegedly hit a deputy with a bag holding two cans of beer.

    As a student-athlete, Turner thrived, shredding defenses at Shafter High School, Bakersfield College and San Diego State University. But as an adult, after playing in the NFL from 1978 to 1980, he had trouble finding his place in civilian life.

    Court records show an arrest history stretching back to 1986 for the former running back and kick return specialist. The most recent, on June 17, was for driving while his license was revoked because of a conviction for driving under the influence.

    On Sunday, Kern County sheriff's deputies were investigating reports of teenagers asking adults to buy alcohol and cigarettes. The deputies approached Turner as he left the store with his 19-year-old son and a 16-year-old juvenile whom authorities have not identified.

    The deputies detained Turner while they investigated. According to reports from the sheriff's office, Turner initially complied with deputies but then decided to leave.

    Deputies said a scuffle occurred when they tried to stop Turner. Deputy Aaron Nadal was hit on the back of the head with a bag holding two, 24-ounce cans of beer before Deputy Wesley Kraft drew his handgun and fired twice at Turner, authorities said.

    Friends and family told the newspaper they have trouble believing authorities' account of the story. "The deputy must have provoked him," Bakersfield College coach Gerry Collins said. "He was a marvelous kid," Collins told The Bakersfield Californian.

    Nephew Kevin Turner called his uncle "the backbone of our family."

    Sheriff Donny Youngblood said department investigators were getting tapes from video cameras at the store to see if the incident was recorded. He said the investigation won't be quick, and he will review the results. He said he has purposely not researched Turner's criminal background.

    "I want to look at it with an open and objective mind," Youngblood said. "Having a record is a tiny piece of the puzzle, but not a significant piece."

    He declined to comment about the investigation directly. The department issued a release saying Nadal was treated and released at a hospital. Officials have not described the nature of his injury.

    Kraft is on administrative leave while sheriff's detectives investigate the shooting.

    In 1979, Turner tied for the league lead in kick returns with 55, and was second in kick return yards with 1,149.

    "Pound for pound he was as strong as anyone on the team," former teammate and radio analyst Dave Lapham told

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    IMO I think from the details given less force could have been used to take down the guy.

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    Lesson to be learned:

    When you are being arrested do not resist arrest. Comply and do not get physical.

    Sure, the guy is dead but that is what happens when you lack common sense.
    The Browns are gone; I'm not a fan of the Impostors

    The real Browns are in Baltimore, see?


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      i agree, non lethals should be used more

      they probably aren't because bullets are cheaper


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        Maybe this is ill timed. I am off work righ now with a broken nose and a concussion.

        This happened Sat night. me and my partner saw a local drunk, who is pretty cool with us, drinking on the park bench with two other guys there. We stopped and told him to dump the drink and head for home.

        He was no issue, as usual but the guy we didn't know grabbed his bottle and started sluggin it back.

        My partner got out of the truck and talked to him about how this is not how we do things. The guy was passive and as I walked around the truck to and stood beside him he turned and, basically turned my face into ground beef.

        At the end of it he was arrested and both of us were in the hospital.

        He is in jail, I am on leave pending getting cleared to have a plastic surgeon starighten my nose and then getting cleared for the concussion.

        I have to add to this now from personal experience after 15 years of being pretty lucky. Things can happen FAST. This was a simple dump your drink and we move on.

        Turns out this guy is a nut from a larger centre and walked away. He in on charge for several assaults and off his medication.

        You don't know who you are dealing with until it is over.

        Give the cop a break before everyone posts a lot of anti-police excessive force stuff. No one here, was there.

        If I didn't have a great partner I might not be here posting. We will never know.

        I wish we had a taser or something else. If I didn't have help and then was able to pick myself up and knock this guy down....

        He is 6'2 280. He looked like big dopey guy just hanging out.

        SOrry guys, this is just an edit. I am pretty upset as I am sure you can tell. Just go easy please. I promise not to be a downer if your opinion varies.
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          Hope you get better soon Eddie Mac. Yes we were no there but as I said from the details that we are given in this story it does seem like less force could have been used. However yes we were not there and don't know if that force was necessary or not.


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            So there were 2 cops there, one got hit and the other immediately shot him for it? It doesn't say anything about the kids helping him out in the scuffle and I would assume 2 cops can take out a 56 year old man.