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Titans and RB Johnson agree to MEGA Deal...

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    Originally posted by Project KSL
    It was a good combo of horrible coaching and awful playcalling.
    Is this a summary of Josh McDaniels tenure in Denver?
    What's the difference between ignorance and apathy?
    I don't know and I don't care


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      Originally posted by TNTitan
      watch his runs. coaches are still stacking 9 in a box and our o-line is still not getting any movement.
      When you're paying a RB that kind of money, i'm looking for a LT type of player. They way LT use to carry the Chargers, that's what I would expect from CJ. I remember 1 year, LT was the Chargers leading rusher and reciever. Now I know it's not all CJs fault, but when you give a RB that type of money, you use him everyway you can.


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        Originally posted by TNTitan
        That's a convenient out
        someone was killed last night..prove to me it wasn't you...
        not everything is on see how easy that was

        its not like they have highlights of a RBs bad plays, only good ones