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Ex-Patriots sure are arrogant

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    Originally posted by thenewera44
    So, your stance is that he shouldnt tweet period?

    I gotta tell you, catching on to a new offense with different hot reads and routes down and distance is not easy. There were no OTAs, they didnt have double days.

    Every WR makes mistakes. He is older and past his prime. I thought it was a dumb signing.

    So again, he wasnt complaining about not getting the ball. He was complimenting the team. I have no idea what you mean that he was spot on. Why didnt he criticize Welker with such passion about the feet comments? Last I have seen there Patriot cheating way hasnt won it since 2004.

    What I cant stand is how they think they are truly all of that. Win it with the dumb spread tootie fruity style then pump your chest about the Patricheat way.
    The point I'm trying to make is not to stop tweeting, but stop being a spectator. When you prepare to play a game you expect to have those results. You expect to be perfect, so when when he said in awe that screams he wasn't preparing to do that. You shouldn't be amazed by what is expected.
    What's the difference between ignorance and apathy?
    I don't know and I don't care


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      Originally posted by fallforward3y+
      no OTAs, short time to learn a new system. he was targeted 3 times. He saw a great performance, gave a compliment..players do that alot..Big Ben has admitted to being in awe about Troy's great plays before..NOT A BIG DEAL

      bottom line, if they are going to flaunt their way and act high and mighty about it, they will be judged by their "if you don't win the SB its a bad season" mindset...6 bad seasons in a row, 2 playoff chokes in a row..a PO loss to the Jets

      that was the ultimate sticking to the Patsy way..players who are very open, and talk about themselves and their team beat the Patsies and their way IN FOXBORO

      there is no reason to think not complimenting teammates or talking about yourself leads to winning other than your own wishful thinking
      He was targeted three times because he hasn't grasped the system yet. Ben can say that about Troy because he's on the offense and Troy is on the defense.

      Teddys not upset Chad is being open, he's upset that amazed by the team meeting it's own expectations. Spectators can be impressed, players in that system can't. As QB you can't say you were amazed that a reciever made that catch, you expect him to catch it that's why you threw it to him. You cant be in awe of a RB having a big run, you expect to him to do that that's why you handed him the ball. No one has any problem with Chad being open, they have a problem with him being on the outside looking in.
      What's the difference between ignorance and apathy?
      I don't know and I don't care