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  • Texans

    Just wanted to get everyones thoughts on Dom Capers call to go for it with two seconds left, resulting in a texans win.....i personally thought it was the play of the week, maybe even the season so far.....for some reason i am compelled to root for this franchise....

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    I'm doing more than rooting, I'm picking them to win the Division.

    Sure I'll be wrong, but what would happen if they did have a miracle and turned the Superbowl into a home game?


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      Capers really risked nothing, it is still only the second year for the Texans, and he tried to do the same for the Carolina at the end of one of their games in their inaugural season. Right now it was safe becuase the expectations for Houston are not the high.
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        I think it is a good way for him to get the players behind him, knowing that they will lose some close games. new teams always do. I mean, come one, who wouldnlt want to play for guy who plays to win? At least you know that if you lose, you sure as hell went down fighting.

        I like gutsy calls like that. When Osbourne did that in the Orange Bowl back in 1983, I was young, but I understood that it HAD to be done. You want to win damn it!

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          well....there's a recent thing like this....minnesota last year going for 2 against new orleans.....the move won the game (if they hadn't gotten it, nothing would've been lost)....

          oh yeah, they haven't lost a single game since that moment....