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If Kyle Shanahan finds success with the Skins

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  • If Kyle Shanahan finds success with the Skins

    Could it happen? He would need to explain the tattoo of Chris Simms initials on his ankle, but is it something to keep an eye on?

    Or is there too much weird bad blood between Shanahan, Bowlen and Elway?

    What was that whole thing with Elway and Shanahan anyway?

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    Maybe in 4-5 years. If we see a coaching change before then this fan base will be... POOP.
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      I am really thinking as long as Bowlen is owner, it may continue to be poop.

      I know, to some that isnt the case. The fact is he has been really been frugal.

      I am sure it is because he has what 3 head coaches on the pay roll.

      I am oping that is the case, but he was doing things prior to Shanahan being fired. From letting Sundquist go before the 2008 season etc etc.

      For all of those thinking Mcdaniels is the only one to blame for all of that with Cutler, Bowlen could have stepped in at any time and ended it. He wasnt however willing to give a new contract, which if he did, Bus Cook (I can assure you) would have convinced his client to stay in DEnver.

      Bowlen didnt. He could have paid Marshall. He didnt. He could have insisted Mike Nolan stay. He didnt. BTW, any coincidence those last twowent to one the richer owners inthe NFL?

      I dont think so.
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        I wish I had Mark Cuban money. I would buy the Broncos and spend copious amounts of money on this team. But then I would just be compared to Dan Snyder once I failed to improve the team.