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End to the Manning/Brady debate?

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    Originally posted by fallforward3y+ View Post
    I don't know if this really solves it. The Colts are centered around Manning, so when he leaves they fall. The Pats however, are centered around a system, where players are easily replaceable.

    Plus it seems like most of Indy's players just don't care without their leader Manning, like Dallas w/o Romo last year
    I've always thought of Brady as an A- quarterback surrounded by an A+ team and that Manning is an A+ quarterback surrounded by an A- (or even B+) team.
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      i will take Brady over Manning any day of the week.
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        Originally posted by Spice 1 View Post
        Quality post right there. Look at the Colts defense. This is a defense that is designed to get after the quarterback and defend passing. Coyer has had the luxury of playing with the lead for years. Now his defense is being asked to do a lot more. Their smaller personnel have always struggled stopping the run. The only time they won the SB, the defense stepped up and carried them through the playoffs. I don't think they are good enough to carry them now, given how bad Collins is.

        The Pats are like communists. No man is bigger than the team schematically, and Belliache is all about defense. Though Brady has always been dependable, NE's defense practically carried them during their SB runs.
        yeah, Indy had the worst run D in the league that year..I think size gets too much attention though, you don't have to be big to tackle backs or take angles...I saw their defense that year, their tackling was absolute ****..their MLB Cato June, I once knew that he missed 4 tackles atleast in a game just from watching HIGHLIGHTS on a game I couldn't get..I can only imagine how many he missed the whole game...they gave up nearly 400 ground yards to Jacksonville that game, Sanders and Rob Morris's losses hurt them that year

        Collins isn't a bad QB, its just that Indy is centered around Manning and what he does so much, Collins doesn't fit I honestly think several players on Indy don't even care because they depend on Manning so much to be their leader


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          Brady has more rings and more playoff wins. Manning carries his team but hasn't fared nearly as well against top competition (playoffs).

          I'd say the tie breaker goes to whoever has impregnated more supermodels, so Brady wins.


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            Id Deff take Manning there were so many holes he filled up


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              Originally posted by AC1 View Post
              A few years ago, without Tom Brady, the Patriots went 11-5. This year, without Manning, the Colts are 0-2 already and look like they might end up with a top-5 pick.

              Given the relative accomplishments of their supporting casts, is there debate any more about who the best QB of this generation is?
              It certainly makes Manning look like a More Valuable Player.

              I agree with you. The only thing I've liked about Manning being out is that it shows how good he is. I have been saying this recently, thanks for making the thread. I personally believe you can take Manning and Brady, stick them on any team in the NFL and Manning's team will do better. Brady has the luxury of having the best coach we've seen in a long time. With Manning, he could be successful with Lane Kiffin coaching. He doesn't even need a coach. In New England, the coaching staff makes the team look better. In Indy, it's Peyton Manning lifting up the level of his teammates' talents.