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  • Official Shanahan support thread

    Still a bronco fan to the core and that means I will always be a fan of the coach who brought this franchise its only two Super Bowl victories. Personally I think we would be two time defending AFC West Champions behind Cutler+Hillis+Orakpo if Shanahan remained as coach.

    Anyways this not a "wish shanahan was back here" because we way past that. I just still like the man as a coach plus appreciate what he did for our Broncos is all.

    As long as the Redskiins winning does not hurt the Broncos I will support Shanahan man.

    So how bout them skins?!? 2-0 about to play Dallas for a chance to put an early season "lock" on their division?!?! Still wanna see them play the Eagles. They got lucky last year beating them once and looked HORRIBLE against the Eagles in primetime when like 3 or 4 Philly starters pretty won fantasy HtH games by themselves.

    Funny after all the talk about how Shanahan can not handle players he has turned Grossman into a starting QB on a 2-0, probably 3-0 team.

    Nice to see The Mastermind back at it again.
    Let's Ride!

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    I agree. As long as it does not hurt us, go Shanny and the 'Skins!!
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      I'm right there with you guys. And I DO wish he were still here. If that team remains intact we're contenders.


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        I love Shanahan and his style of football. It may not be the best system but when run with star players like when Portis was a Bronco it was amazing to watch.


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          He has the ability to make mediocre or average players good.


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            I'm a young football fan

            Shanahan was a big part of why I became a Bronco fan

            I loved his style and enjoyed watching his offense

            I'll always support him
            Thank you Charger$


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              Its a big game for him and the Redskins Monday night on two different fronts one because its vs the Cowboys and also at 154 wins he will surpass Joe Gibbs as 14th all time wins .. It will be a tough order for the Skins to get 7 wins this season but he will be tied with Mike Holmgren at 12th...I really believe they will do it ...Nothing more then I want to see him get inside the top 10 in wins

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                I thought it was time to go because we needed to change the model, and Shanny wasn't going to be okay with having those powers stripped... but I will always respect him as a coach and will be appreciative of those two titles.

                Good luck to you this year Shanny!



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                  I will always support Shanahan and Kubiak. I will always be paying attention to whoever their teams are on gameday.


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                    I hope Shanny destroys Ryan's defense.


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                      I have no problem rooting for respectable Ex-Broncos.

                      Go Shanny!


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                        I love Shanahan and miss him. I will always root for him to succeed unless skins are playing us. I do sometimes really miss Shanny days with offense was so fun and exciting to watch. I wish we would of left Shanny have less power here that's all we had to do and we would of been playoff contenders year in and out.
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