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Bills, Raiders, Lions For Real?

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  • Bills, Raiders, Lions For Real?

    Are you convinced now?

    Bills over Pats (3-0)
    Raiders over Jets (2-1)
    Lions over Vikings (3-0)

    I think they are for real, not elite obviously, but very good. Chargers better watch out and stop being complacent.
    Rivers is deciding to play bad, just to see how it feels.

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    They're all LEGIT. I see the afc east and nfc north both gettin 3 teams in the playoffs. Our division is up for grabs cuz we ALL play ALL of them


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      Bills are the big shocker. They made a statement by beating the pats. Raiders also with beating the jets. The lions were a team that people expected to do well this year.


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        Raiders no
        Bills no
        Lions maybe

        Raiders played the Jets, whom we all know is very inconsistent.
        Bills pulled off a upset, but they still gotta play NE again, doubt it will have the same results.

        Detroit hasn't played anybody yet.
        Vikes suck, Chiefs suck, and the Bucs are in between.

        They almost lost to Minny, but the Vikes pulled a Notre Dame and blew it.
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          Look at them thru their history....They always play hard, win or lose. Maybe that is somehow working out for them. I dont know what you mean 4 real...but I do know they are not going to quit and if you sleep on them, they will beat you! Ne has problems on defense!

          Run Dmc aint no joke. I hate the Raiders more than anyone I would be willing to bet! As long as that guy stays healthy, they can play with just about anyone!

          They will make the playoffs and make noise. Suh, Johnson, Stafford,....
          You better ask somebody!
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            Did anyone see the monster game by..........Jarvis Moss??? Gulp!!


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              I'm going to wait and see on the Lions. Everyone is on their bandwagon but they haven't really beat anyone.

              They won in Tampa. Nice win, but the Bucs don't even have fans (10 straight blackouts). It's not like it was a hostile environment or anything.

              They beat KC. So what? They suck.

              They beat Minnesota. It was an impressive comeback...HAD THEY DONE THIS AGAINST ANOTHER TEAM. The Vikings blow huge 1st half leads every week.


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                3-0 Buffalo! What a win for my team!
                "Something special is about to go down and I want to be a part of it." - FJ


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                  Bills- Playoff bound, no, but 8-8 or 9-7, possibly.

                  Lions- Legit, Stafford, Calvin, and Suh plus others, team is scary.

                  Raiders- We'll see, McFadden is tough to stop, even the Jets who have a great run-D couldn't stop him.


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                    Bills play hard and they could continue this but they are a fast start and we will see how they finish I believe they were once 5-0 and missed the playoffs (to bad the broncos one upped them and did 6-0 and missed )

                    Raiders are solid on both lines and could easily take the division I don't see anyone who will stop them because the Chargers aren't looking good so Raiders I think are for real.

                    Lions are iffy. They look hot one week and look off another. They need to get consitant to contend. Or just get hot right before the play offs.

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                      I think the raiders may win the division. The running game is bar none the best in the league imo.

                      the chargers best watch out


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                        i really believe all 3 of those teams are for real, and really up and comers

                        if they keep drafting well you're looking at the new super powers it looks like


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                          Unfortunately I think Buff and Choke are for real. I hate to admit it but I really didnt think the faders would pound on NY like that.
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                            I think all 3 are for real.

                            Lions are the best of the three and have the most talent and potential to get far in the playoffs.

                            The Raiders aren't quite there yet, but they're playing like they haven't played for years. They are for real, but haven't maximized potential yet. Well on their way to dominating the AFC West the next handful of years.

                            The Bills just have that whole chemistry and underdog attitude, and I love it. I don't know if it's a long term thing, but for the time being they have so much momentum and hope. They give off a feeling that they're going to kick ass this year. If they don't give into the hype and continue to play like underdogs and such, then I can see them doing well. They just seem special this year, for lack of a better word.


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                              Where as those teams are for real, I believe they are 1 or 2 injuries away from being nothing. Same with us, Eliminate the "GHOST FUMBLE" and take away the RETARD 4th and 1 play calling, we are 3-0 and we are raising eyebrows (and we all know what type of talent we have).
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