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What is wrong with the NFC West???

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  • What is wrong with the NFC West???

    Wow have they stunk it up the past few years...

    This year isn't any better... according to the power rankings, the 49ers at #20 are their highest ranked team...

    Cards, Seahawks, and Rams follow at 23, 24, and 31 respectively.


    but we (afc west) do have the chiefs at #32 and the broncos at #26.. at least the chargers and raiders are 9 and 13.

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    I think Raiders should be above Chargers.... That run game is nasty.

    And the problem with the NFC West is the QB situation. Tavaris Jackson = balls, Alex Smith = balls. St. Louis is underachieving and just kinda sucks, and Kevin Kolb isn't as good as his first 2 week numbers have made him look. They relied too much on the big play, he can't consistently move the chains. 10 points on the Seahawks is pathetic.


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      Brutal division.


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        Its all about QB's and head coaches. The NFC West probably has the least experienced combo.

        Rams = Bradford + Spagnuolo
        49ers = Smith + Harbaugh
        Seahawks = Jackson + Carroll
        Cardinals = Kolb + Whisenhunt

        Spag and Whisenhunt are on the hot seat, Harbaugh gets a pass because he's a rookie coach, and Carroll is only in the NFL to escape FBI investigations at USC.

        4 rebuilding teams. It doesn't look good.
        Rivers is deciding to play bad, just to see how it feels.


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          Let's see...

          49ers- Have the most talent in that division, but Alex Smith is QB.

          Rams- Big fan of Bradford, but he has no WR's, and the start to their schedule is brutal.

          Seattle- Got talent, but with TJax at QB, nuff said.

          Cards- Not a big fan of Kolb, never have been.