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NFL Black Out Rules + NFL Sunday Ticket

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  • NFL Black Out Rules + NFL Sunday Ticket

    Wondering if anyone here can explain the NFL Blackout Rules.

    I have Sunday ticket through my Playstation 3, but I can't watch the Bears and Panthers game or the Steelers and Texans game. Neither game is on the local channels, and I'm not living in either team's viewing area's. The Titans are on the road in Cleveland.

    It's my understand that the NFL Sunday ticket was supposed to let you watch any game with the exception of local market teams which are blacked out on Sunday ticket, because you can watch them on local channels, but all the rest of the games should be viewable.

    I have called DirecTV and they said neither was listed as being blacked out, but that I needed to call Sony. So I called Sony. They said neither is listed as being blacked out either, and they can't find anything wrong with my account. I've checked for blackout listings, and the only game listed today was the Chargers and Dolphins.

    Am I missing something here??? I pay $340 for this **** and I still can't watch the games I want.
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    I'd definitely call, because the only games that should be blacked out are the ones in your market. In Denver Sunday ticket blacked out the Houston Pitt and dallas Detroit game, which is played on local stations.


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      afaik only games blacked out are teh ones that are being shown on local TV. Could be wrong though.


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        I already called, they couldn't give me an explanation because they said it wasn't showing up as blacked out in their systems, but they couldn't find anything wrong with my account.

        and neither game was televised locally here, only game on locally was the Titans, and they were on the road in Cleveland.
        Super Bowl XXXII, XXXIII & 50 Champs