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Henne out for season

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    Originally posted by shawinkerpoppin View Post
    unless they want to give us gabbert its a terrible idea for them to bring in tebow with there rookie QB. I can see why the jags would want him but i don't see how its reasonable with gabbert on the roster. As for Miami i don't see them giving up any picks just to help soprano win. He is not gonna be there next year and they won't allow him to go for broke so to speak with trying to patch something together for a quick playoff run or just a few wins really.
    I'm talking about pre-Gabbert Jacksonville.

    Before Tebow was even drafted there was much ado about him playing for them.

    He would "energize the fanbase" since he was a "local boy" and all that nonsense.
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      Henne's opting for season ending surgery


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        why exactly would an 0-4 team want to make a trade?....any trade?

        the dolphins have zero chance of finishing ahead of anybody in their division..forget about making the playoffs

        my guess is they play for andrew luck now....though they'll never admit to that


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          Originally posted by lolcopter View Post
          Trade orton NOW
          Trade Tebow NOW


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            Originally posted by Gideon333 View Post
            Trade Tebow NOW
            Trade Quinn NOW

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              They dolphins are going to sign Rosenfels per schefter

              With Chad Henne done for season, Dolphins now plan to sign former Giants QB Sage Rosenfels.
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                Originally posted by Roddoliver View Post
                When will people learn that Orton could not be traded because he did not want to change his contract? No one will trade for him with the current contract that will expire after the season. And Miami will soon have a new head coach who will want his own QB. At this point, they will go with the QB they have. If they finish with the worst record, the new regime will be able to start with Andrew Luck.
                I'm not so sure about that because I just saw this on twitter:

                AdamSchefter RT @JonJarbou: Who would you have signed? ... Would've paid Kyle Orton the $27 million deal the two sides agreed to this summer.

                I found that interesting to say the least.



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                  Trading Orton only opens up the door for Brady Quinn to start. It doesn't mean Tebow moves any closer to becoming the starter in 2011. Any way Fox can still sign another veteran QB off the streets to keep Tebow 3rd string.
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                    Originally posted by Gideon333 View Post
                    Trade Tebow NOW
                    LOL! You must like sucking year in and year out!
                    John and TD should get their own wing in Canton.