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A Football Life: Kurt Warner

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  • A Football Life: Kurt Warner

    Recorded this, and I'm watching it now.

    Is Kurt Warner a HOFer? Discuss.
    Absolutely not

    Hooray, beer!

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    Of course. My favorite quote by the guy has to be something along the lines of:

    "When I came from the ArenaFL to the NFL, I was so used to the smaller field that everybody seemed open to me."


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      No doubt he's a HOF'er


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        i say definitely

        he's a great person and he was a great qb


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          1st ballot HoFer IMHO.


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            im actually from st. louis. Man i loved watching those 99 rams play. Sad to see that Martz drove away Kurt Warner from STL. Fans always loved him.


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              i'm not going to pretend he didn't have a talented offense in st louis, or that he had a shortened career due to injury, but i often think of warner as the gale sayers of qbs

              he just had such an amazing run for a few years , it was crazy good

              then he tried to duplicate it in zona

              IMO he did as much as favre, in a shorter time, and i have favre as 1st ballot, so kurt IMO is there too

              i mean, warner in his final 3 seasons as a qb, threw 83 tds to only 45 ints

              most qbs NEVER go out that good, not even close!


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                I think the fall of the Rams and the Cardinals after he left should show how good he was.

                The guy is a HoFer


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                  My life is better for watching the documentary. Kurt Warner was a beautiful human being and touched everyone around him. He's first ballot. Not only in the NFL, but in the game of life.

                  Hooray, beer!


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                    Kurt Warner was and is great

                    I definitely believe he is a HoF

                    I have a personalized autograph from him
                    Thank you Charger$


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                      of course from grocery bag boy to super bowl CHAMP he deserves to be in the HOF just look at the cardinals after he left


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                        Without a doubt.

                        He made St. Louis relevant, he pulled Arizona out of the pits, he is an all around good guy who never gave up, and did his best to support the team.

                        I hope to see him with the jacket.


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                          No, not even close.

                          He had a few good seasons with the Rams and a couple with the Cardinals at the end of his career.

                          But between those few seasons?

                          He was related to back-up duty.

                          In the end, he didn't do nearly enough in his career to even be considered in the HOF.
                          The Browns are gone; I'm not a fan of the Impostors

                          The real Browns are in Baltimore, see?


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                            Only quarterback that lead his team to the playoff with a defense that lead 300+ points on the field (Cutler was close in 2008) and he did it twice with two different franchises, nearly won the superbowl too.


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                              My favorite Kurt story(might have been in the documentary) was him telling about how he took his family out to dinner. He goes on to say that everytime they eat out he picks a random family and pays for their meal anonymously. Well he saw this big family and picked up the check. The waiter cones over, and says sir I know you want to remain anonymous but this guy really really wants to meet you. After some convincing Kurt agrees, because the waiter says it's really important. So a man cones over and it turns out he plays for the steelers who just beat Kurt in the superbowl.
                              What's the difference between ignorance and apathy?
                              I don't know and I don't care