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    Originally posted by Charlie Brown View Post
    Of who?

    Talked about three people in this thread. But I'll answer all three people.

    1. Shurmur - I cannot stand him and I feel he should be fired. But, he will not be fired because he is a rookie head coach and he is both the offensive coordinator and the head coach.

    2. Holmgren - He is extremely overrated and he hasn't done anything to warrant any praise. The team is a mess and the only thing he has done is fire a good coach and replace him with Shurmur.

    3. Hillis - He hasn't really played this year. But, he certainly seems to have lost a step when he was playing. I think it may be the loss of Steinbach and Vickers that is hurting him the most. Vickers was an amazing run-blocking fullback and instead now we get a horrible LB/FB hybrid in Marecic. The blocking is so horrible, that the Browns could barely even kick any field goals today - half of them were blocked. Further, it is amazing that the referees for once decided to help the Browns by calling back a return by the Seahawks on a bogus "block to the back" call.
    yep thats about the way it is.