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  • Sanchez Problem

    O.K. So I don't know how many of you watched the Jets play this morning but it was pretty bad. It was Mark Sanchez bad. What are the Jets going to do with Sanchez? (It is kind of the same problem that we have with Tebow right now but for us it is on a bigger scale.)

    So Colts draft #1 Overall right? Say they decide to trade Luck to a bidding team. I think Rex Ryan knows next year is his last year unless he goes to a Super Bowl. I KNOW it is unlikely, but if Rex sold the farm for Luck how would you feel?

    Personally, when their running backs have staid healthy, their defense has been decent enough. With a real franchise QB I think Rex might actually have a shot at a SB.

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    Sanchez is holding them back. I honestly don't see the Jets winning a Superbowl with Mark Sanchez at QB. If I were them I would give an open QB competiton in training camp and see if Greg McElroy is any good. They should also draft someone like Nick Foles to keep them honest.


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      I could see them trading for Peyton.
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        Sad thing is many overated Sanchez due to his teams success. When he first got there the jets had a solid team beast on defense and a strong ground game. Now they have an average at best rushing attack and the defense isn't talked about. And thats not Sanchez fault at all. As any QB could he was winning while not really playing that great. He is actually playing better than he has in the past its just that the supporting cast around him aint playing like they have in the past couple years. People judged him based on teams success rather than personal play and as a result of having a lesser supporting cast he is critasized more. If people just rated him based on how he played and put him where he was this wouldnt be an issue or as much of an issue.

        Thats why I say never judge a player based on team stats.


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          If the Colts decide to trade Manning, I could see the Jets trade for him.

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            Never liked Sanchez.

            Was ecstatic when Mangini traded with the Jets for several veteran players that made an impact in Rob Ryan's defense.

            Mangini was an absolute genius with that move.
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