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Mcdaniels back to Patriots for playoffs

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    Originally posted by Broncoholic JS View Post
    I dont think McD can join them until the end of this NFL season.

    I could be wrong though
    That was how I remember it as well. Coaches with NFL teams couldn't join a team in season in the PO's.

    It may have changed with the new CBA.


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      For those saying McD is not allowed to start work for the Pats til season end...

      McDaniels likely will succeed O'Brien as the Patriots' offensive coordinator next season, but he was to begin working immediately for the Patriots during the playoffs, the source said.

      McDaniels is going from worst to first overnight, leaving the Rams and being a part of the Patriots team preparing for next weekend's divisional playoff game.
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        He just won't go away


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          Originally posted by Wolf Brother View Post
          McD will coach for Pats according to a report, starting this week as an Offensive Assistant. Any chance the Pats trade for Tebow in the offseason? They have a bounty of picks in several rounds that they seldom use, and Tebow could be developed as a Patriot with the right pieces to excel. Brady has a few years left, but is no spring chicken. The Kraft family were very interested in drafting Tebow in the first place. Something to think about.
          Actually it is nothing to think about. Are you serious. The pats drafted mallet last year. LOL wont happen,
          sigpic Thanks Tebow for everything that you did on your short time being a Bronco. I will always be a fan of yours no matter where you are at.


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            MCD was young, and immature as a coach... but I have no doubt he will be a good coach in the league. Time will tell if the Broncos gave up on him to quick.
            I'm kind of like a big deal... sort of like a superhero.


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              Originally posted by jhildebrand View Post
              Belichick did everything he could last year to completely ditch the entire McD model they were running. The offense Belichick went to and are still running isn't McD's. I think that is why he is being hired as an offensive assistant not OC.

              It is also important to remember that Brady and McD had a less than cordial relationship. Brady, at this point in his career, may want nothing to do with McD and wouldn't have an issue voicing that. Were that to happen, I am positive the Pats would listen.
              I hear ya, but I'm sure the organization, including Brady, agreed to bringing him back when they did, and knew full well about next year's situation.

              Otherwise this could have easily been fact, there was no need to bring him back in the first place.

              I think we all know of people who are not the best choice for one position or responsibility, but we'd be happy to have them continue in another one. Maybe he is the kind of go getter that Belichick loves. You know, the guy you don't always get along with, but works harder than everyone else to get the job done.

              PLUS.....Belichick sees this as an in, he liked McD before, and realizes he's learned a few more things about coaching and handling situations (partly through the mistakes he made), which may in fact make McD a more rounded commodity.
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                Originally posted by stuckinjax View Post
                He could be traded
                he could but I doubt it. He showed some promise in the pre season and if he is a quality QB they wont give him up and replace him with someone that needs tons of work passing and they would need to re create the offense for if brady went down. Which is why I think they wont trade for tebow. If they did they would use him like MCD did and probably not as the backup QB.

                I could definitely see them trading a late round pick for knowshon.


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                  Originally posted by JaysusCutler View Post
                  Tebow will be traded for Mallett straight up.
                  As of right now we wouldn't even get a 3rd or 4th round pick for Tebow. They can keep Mallett. Broncos have already past on Mallett.


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                    Originally posted by gods6monkeys View Post
                    MCD was young, and immature as a coach... but I have no doubt he will be a good coach in the league. Time will tell if the Broncos gave up on him to quick.
                    Well judging by his time in St. Louis....I think the answer is clear

                    Poor Spagnuolo.


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                      Originally posted by jhildebrand View Post
                      McDaniels CAN'T join the Patriots.

                      He hasnt been released by the Rams. The Rams fired everybody but 'the disaster' and only gave permission to interview! They haven't released him.

                      If St. Louis were smart, they would pull a Belichick on Belichick, tell them if they want him they need to send a draft pick. Also as far as I know, McD wouldn't be allowed to join the Pats this season even if he were released.

                      Finally, anybody who thinks Belichcik wants anything to do with Tebow is OUT OF THEIR MIND! McDaniels wanted NOTHING to do with the kid at the end of his tenure here. He wouldn't even play him KNOWING IT COULD SAVE HIS JOB!
                      The NFL stopped letting teams trade draft picks for coaches after the Oakland to Tampa Bay trade for Jon Gruden...


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                        Originally posted by jhildebrand View Post
                        Well judging by his time in St. Louis....I think the answer is clear

                        Poor Spagnuolo.
                        A banged up 1st round QB all season, Jackson hurt, and No wr's until Lloyd came along.

                        Pretty hard to judge that.
                        I'm kind of like a big deal... sort of like a superhero.


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                          Originally posted by Broncos-R-Great View Post

                          McDaniels: Eagle calling base camp, 2nd mission accomplished

                          Belichick: Excellent, come back home Eagle and wait for your next mission. When Tom Coughlin is fired we will have our revenge!! Muhahahaha!
                          This is great. Belichick mad about 2005.
                          So cal Water Polo player Broncos fan

                          In his first start T.J Yates has tied Tony Romo for playoff wins.


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                            @AdamSchefter: Josh McDaniels & Patriots officially have agreed to new deal. McDaniels will be off asst during playoffs, OC next season.
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                              IMO its bull crap he can work again this season. He lead a offense to 12.1 ppg, he doesn't deserve a chance to win a ring this year.


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                                Well Mcdaniels just got an easy job where he can hide his ability of being a terrible offensive coordinator. Can't wait to see his jock riders tell us next year how great he is. Put anyone with Tom Brady and they will look great