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Jets players TRASH Sanchez, Want Manning

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  • Jets players TRASH Sanchez, Want Manning

    How can players trash the QB like that in the media, I'm not a Sanchez fan but you don't go public like that.

    The Jets are in a mess at the moment, Holmes didn't make himself look great against Miami either.

    I applaud Rex Ryan for going out and getting all these big names like Cro and Holmes, etc................ and not worrying about players with a bad rep but this is the problem if things go wrong.

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    Ryan has allowed that place to become a circus. That will eventually be his un-doing. He's been a flapping mouth to the media and his team is only following his lead.


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      That whole locker room is in shambles. Rex Ryan is at fault and will be fired next season. The trust barrier is no longer there. Derrick Mason said it best right before he left that place. Can't blame him; Rex won't keep his mouth shut and the players won't either.

      They need a fresh start. Get a new coach and QB, get rid of the hot heads, and rebuild.


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        That team is an extension of its leadership, all the way from the head coach. Rex Ryan thinks he can win with a "bully" attitude, an "I'm bigger and badder and I don't care what you think" attitude. Too bad this isn't high school and it doesn't work when you actually need people to work together.

        In those situations, traits like calm, humility, and empathy are most useful...things Ryan seems to act like he knows nothing about (I don't know what he's like outside of football, if all this is just a show).

        Then he goes and recruits players to fit that "me first" and "bigger and badder" attitude, so of course they can't stand to work together.

        I think you either completely clean house, or you find a head coach (maybe a QB?) that's strong enough to bring everyone together. Neither Ryan nor Sanchez seem to fit that bill. I imagine you could also do that with a Brian Dawkins type player - that veteran who commands respect and also emphasize team first through his actions - but I don't think the Jets have that kind of player either...


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          I love how nobody has the guts to put their name to the quotes. What a bunch of cowardly sallys.
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            Players are all too big for their boots. The word "circus" as yardo described it fits perfectly. Rex will be gone before September.
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              Ryan will rightfully get a year to fix his mess and if he doesnt he will be gone. Mike singletery might get a shot there with the jets as someone that can bring discipline to that locker room. Sanchez while I critasize him should earn some support for his team. Fans and analyst can say whatever about the guy but his teamates the guys he went to two AFC championships with should have his back or at the very least not say the comments they do. They could at least own the comments.

              If im Sanchez I would start looking at my options around the league.
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                Makes me think less of the other players on the team, not of Sanchez.
                GG pathetic (and somewhat cowardly) players from the NYJ locker room.
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                  good i hate the jets


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                    lol they're just stating the truth that sanchez SUCKS! Well I sure hope they don't get Manning.


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                      Another reason why I love the Broncos, this team is a family!

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