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Browns facing 5 important free-agent decisions

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    Originally posted by BroncoFanBoy View Post
    RB is your first priority?
    I don't have them listed in any particular order. Just a list of all the needs the team has.

    With how much you've said you hated the WR's, and with the system Shurmur has, I thought that would be it.
    WR, RB either would be a great selection at #4. Trent Richardson is supposedly the top RB - so if he is there then definately take him unless a good reciever is there. It's pretty clear that one of the top recievers will probably be selected by the Rams leaving the Browns as the odd one out.

    Also, if Griffin makes it to the 4th overall pick, I think it would be smart of the Browns to trade down, and get more picks. Probably a team like the Redskins or Dolphins would do it.
    Maybe trade down, maybe not. It would be stupid for the team to trade down and lose the chance of selecting a top reciever or running back. That kind of talent in a position of need is hard to pass up. If the Browns are at #4 and Trent Richardson or Blackmon or whomever the top reciever is, is there, and they do not have character issues the team should definately take them.
    The Browns are gone; I'm not a fan of the Impostors

    The real Browns are in Baltimore, see?


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      Originally posted by AllEyezOnZach27 View Post
      John Elway carried his team to 3 Super Bowls without a single star playing next to him. Yes I agree that he needed more talent to win the Super Bowl but he willed his team to those Super Bowls by himself on offense.
      John Elways did have talent around him. He had Sammy Winder and Steve Sewell, a first round draft selection. He had Rulon Jones, he had Karl Mecklenburg, Louis Wright, Dennis Smith, all of which were pro-bowlers. He had a talented defense and offense around him. Was it as "great" an offense as he had before he retired? Absolutely not. But, it still was a talented team. The Browns team is worse than the Chargers team when they drafted Ryan Leaf.

      The Browsn CANNOT draft a quarterback. The team has no talent whatsoever. The "talented" players on the Browns can be counted on a single hand, and not even a full hand at that. There is Joe Thomas, Haden, and that's it. Nobody else has played well. Sure, they have a lot of rookies like Sheard and Taylor and Little. But, they haven't done ANYTHING to warrant attention. Little drops passes left and right, the team lead the LEAGUE in dropped passes. Drafting a quarterback into a situation where there is no running back, where the offensive line is ragtag, and where the recievers lead the entire league in dropped passes is no place to send a quarterback. I don't care how "talented" that quarterback may or may not be - that is asking for a disaster.

      Dan Marino was the same. He had more comeback victories than any other QB in NFL history. The guy knew how to win games. He didnt have a defense or running game. Its not Marino's fault that the coaching staff didnt provide him with a good defense or running game but Marino could win game by himself.
      Marino couldn't win games by himself. He never once won a Super Bowl and that is the "measure" that all teams are measured by. He may have broken records because of his pass and pass often offenses, but that only got him so far. Still, though, Marino went to a team that had wide reciever talent that allowed him to break all those passing records. The Browns are not the Dolphins of the 80s and 90s.

      Tom Brady had no talent on OFFENSE. Troy Brown, David Givens & Deion Branch are equal to the 2 amigo's that Elway had to work with in the 80's and early 90's. Brady's first year as a starter WON THE SUPER BOWL!
      Who was his head coach? A coach considered by many to be the greatest coach in the current era. The Browns have the "Shurmurnator". The Browns are not the Patriots under Bellichick. The Browns are the bottom of the barrel and have NOTHING - absolutely NOTHING.

      Yet you refuse to answer my question of..."do you believe or have you seen anything from Colt McCoy that makes you think he can lead the Browns to a Super Bowl or become a true "franchise" QB?"
      Yea, I have. He was the starting quarterback last year when the Browns beat the Patriots and Saints. He also was the starting quarterback for every single one of the Browns victories this year. Sure, not a lot of wins. But, what do you expect, he can't do it all!
      The Browns are gone; I'm not a fan of the Impostors

      The real Browns are in Baltimore, see?