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    Originally posted by HatianRubble View Post
    We're a much better team without him. Anyone who was paying attention to his interview when he made the comment along the lines of "wow....its easy too look good when you have guys putting the ball on point like that"...basically throwing all his QBs on the Phins under the bus as the reason for his failures. Yes, a QB can make a mediocre WR look great. That doesnt excuse Marshall for STILL being an immature moron. What he did was a total jackass move. Throwing his QBs under the bus and basically saying "I'm not a top 10 receiver because of the QBs I play with" is a total ***** move. I'm sorry, but I'm glad this guy is off the team. He is the epitome of a self centered, its never my fault kind of guy.

    Stop being a BMarsh apologist. DT is Marshall without the head case issues. Decker is going to be a beast as well. DT can do everything Marshall can, health has been the only thing holding DT back.
    Henne deserved to be thrown under the bus... but I agree that shouldn't see the public spotlight. He's just one of those people that says whatever is coming to him. I know a few people who put their foot in their mouth constantly and don't think anything of it. It's not hard to imagine the inflation millions of dollars puts on that kind of personality.

    I'm just of the thinking that his problems, which unlikely but possibly stem from a form of bi-polar syndrome, aren't enough to part ways with an elite player. What could we have gotten if we didn't need to draft Thomas? How about Rob Gronk, or Jimmy Graham?

    It's done with. I'll get over it eventually. I've already turned one Marshall Jersey into a Tebow, I'll probably turn the other one some day (I hope).


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      Nice! he did good in a game where nobody tries....