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This is why everyone hates the Patriots.

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    Disagree, to a point.

    I agree in the sense that that very well could be the Browns today if certain events had not happened. The Patriots won with many former Browns coaches and players.

    So, it is a reasonable belief that if given the opportunity, the Browns could very well be where the Patriots currently are.

    I disagree though, because I personally hate them because of their swagger. They have an aura of superiority.
    The Browns are gone; I'm not a fan of the Impostors

    The real Browns are in Baltimore, see?


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      I don't like their fans, or Brady, I think he is a jerk. (Punt?)
      Belichick is evil.

      Handshake mishaps in BOTH superbowls.

      Arrogant and unsportsmanlike.

      Kraft is good, though.

      I wish Denver could make it every year, but again, I don't want Patsies on the team.


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        I feel that your statement is ignorant.

        I don't like the Patriots because they cheated their way to 3 Super Bowls.

        What happened after Spygate was shut down? They lost their last 2 Super Bowls.


        FA Targets: DT Jason Jones, DT Pat Simms, S Reggie Smith, LB Dan Connor



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          Originally posted by Roddoliver View Post
          1) Tuck rule

          2) Spygate

          3) "Brady rule"

          4) Josh McDaniels

          The Giants have been a successful organization and I don't hate them. I have a lot of respect for Tom Coughlin and Eli Manning.

          Until this last year, the Colts had been a successful organization, I didn't hate them. The Steelers have been successful, I don't hate them.

          I hate Roethlisberger, but for off the field reasons, but I don't hate his organization.

          The Pack have been one of the best organizations in football for 15 years now. I don't hate them.

          But I hate the Pats.

          The only people I've ever heard come up with the "jealous of the Pats" theory for the hate, is people who like the Patriots, or Pats fans.

          Bottom line is there are lots of legitimate reasons to hate the Patriots. Jealousy is one, I'll agree, but there are lots of others as well.


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            There are multiple reasons on why I can't stand the Patriots. Tom Brady and the penalty alarm the league has put on him. If you look at Tom Brady, it's a penalty. The fans over-hype their players to high heaven -- and probably couldn't even named 3 former Patriot players prior to the Spygate era -- which is another reason I don't respect their organization.

            They produce china quality players that look like pro bowlers on paper, ala Matt Cassel -- but once you ship them off they become lost and forgotten.

            I didn't care who won the SB but I have far more respect for Eli and that organization (fans too) than New England.