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Met RG3 and Colt McCoy at Davey O'Brien awards, and talked about Manning

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    Originally posted by TXbroncogator View Post
    Okay, I give up. How about 3 legged pants with a big pouch in the back?
    your recommendation is a 'fanny pack' hmmm


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      Thanks for the info and the pics. When I have heard RGIII's taped interviews he seemed down to earth and witty as well as smart. Some web site had an article about his girlfriend, she just graduated from Baylor, they had been friends first for quite some time. Great story about RG's arrangements for his proposal, involved the gym, candles and flowers-I was impressed!

      Just have to wait and see if Elway makes a run at RG, I hope not, it would hurt the team for several years, if he even could negotiate from #25 up to #2. I also am a Gator and also think Tebow will take his team to many championships-just not sure which team that will be.

      I agree with you and what your husband said 100%. Been a CCRN for many years and neuro makes me nervous even now. No brainer that after 4 surgeries on your cervical vertabrae football is out. Won't matter how much regeneration (or not) that nerve to his triceps has had if it's severed. I'm sorta sad PM can't let it go, seems he has so much to lose.

      I'm going to PM you about one other thing you mentioned. Thanks again.


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        Originally posted by BroncoFanNC View Post
        I doubt Manning used some random everyday neuro doctor . He had the dough to not only get the best of the best, but probably try experimental stuff too (in fact he got stem cell therapy in Europe which isn't FDA approved here).
        is there such a thing as an "everyday random" brain surgeon?

        I mean, I know its not rocket science...


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          Originally posted by PowderAddict View Post
          is there such a thing as an "everyday random" brain surgeon?

          I mean, I know its not rocket science...
          To a certain degree, what you say is true. There are only 150 people who graduates from neurosurgery residency a year in USA. They limit the amount unlike other medical discipline.
          But yes, it's not rocket science.


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            Originally posted by PAINTERDAVE View Post

            Any more "terrible" than all the speculation that runs rampant on this board?

            Seriously I LOL'd.
            Makes good for an offseason splash.It was pretty quiet around here until this news broke.