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The Best Backup QBs in the NFL

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    Originally posted by bears6385 View Post
    Jason Campbell #2 behind Cutler.........very underrated signing.
    I hope he does well. I really like the dude.


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      Originally posted by Fitzmagic View Post
      In Chan Gailey's system, Young could possibly shine. Both you and I know this is Young's last chance, if he fails here its the end of the road for him. He knows he either grows up, steps up, and if he gets an opportunity takes advantage of it or he's going to be a QB for some crappy unknown arena league team flipping burgers on the side. I think Young behaves and comes in with a sense of urgency.
      ok got a point there
      Thanks Freyaka for the Sig! And Avatar!


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        Originally posted by Den615 View Post
        That incompetent HC did an incredible job of masking Orton's weaknesses and making him look like a legitimate NFL starter for one whole season. If it wasn't for McDaniels and Brandon Lloyd, Orton would have been relegated to a journeyman backup quarterback far earlier in his career.
        Wow, so McDaniels coached Orton to his 21-12 record in Chicago? And helped KO go 2-1 in KC - including a win over previously unbeaten Green Bay?

        Just HOW did Josh "mask Orton's weaknesses?" By forcing a stupidly complicated offensive scheme down everyone's throats? By having the O-line play in a pass-blocking scheme they weren't suited for? By destroying the run game when he had "tough" OTAs where he managed to injure both the starting RB and the backup? Or was it the way that McD traded away any decent offensive talent that Shanny had left behind?

        Just where did McD do Orton any favors?
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        "That's a crap question."
        - Kyle Orton