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Niners, other teams express interest in wrongfully convicted ex-prisoner

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    Originally posted by Hadez View Post
    yea no doubt I got sidetracked but the real story is what character Brain Banks has.

    I am pretty sure if I was Brian Banks the story would have been much different
    no kidding...she deserves to be treated like they treat rapists in prison..actually raped, then beat to death

    It makes it even worse that they sued the school and won..I love America, but hate that part of us. Even if he really had raped her, the school is not accountable. I HATE that people can do that, I love America..but thats are biggest flaw. Stories like this are why I've learned to try and not get mad at anything I hear anymore, otherwise I'd be going crazy right now, since its like the worst thing in the world.

    Its a good thing he is still getting his chance though, hopefully he does well

    To take a side note so I dont think about this injustice, I wonder how he feels about the decline of real football over the last few years..being that he's a Linebacker. In a few years, the game may go so bad that a player into the tackling aspect doesn't even want to play it.