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Anyone else siding with the Saints' players?

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    I started a post the day it came out to this effect and got chewed out by the outspoken.

    One big thing to consider when it comes to lengthy suspensions for players vs coaches. Is the window of opportunity a player has to play is much much smaller than the window of opportunity to coach.

    A coach can coach for 40 years and make most of his money near the end of his career where a player might play for 5-10 years generally. Let's say Sean Payton coaches in the league for 30 years. And lets say Vilma is a player for 10. Those seem to be nice long careers for coaches and players but if you look at the relative percentage of such a suspension, Payton is banned for 3% and Vilma for 10% of his career. Maybe this was taken into account but I doubt it.

    Granted another factor in this is the era we live in. This era is an adjustment period where the NFL has to cover it's ass when it comes to player safety. This is no way to rationalize taking the gloves off though.

    It's possible there is some evidence to support Goodell's course of action however I'm inclined to think it's just another incident where Goodell is showing his [egotistical, self absorbed, stamp his name in bold letters for his legacy] tantrum. I don't like what he's done to the league in general but it might not be all his fault. It could be that these things have just happened on his watch.

    There had better be just cause for such a heavy hand.
    The beatings will continue until morale improves....


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      I side with Goodell on this.

      I don't care if the players got word of the warning to stop or not.

      The language that was used communicated an intent to injure. It doesn't matter if it was bravado or not, that's the intent that was communicated. You don't get to use the language, put the money in the pot, and then say you weren't serious about what you said.

      If the players weren't trying to injure anyone then they shouldn't have allowed the language to be used.

      I heard Mike Florio on the radio the other day and he said that he believes players were rewarded for legal hits that knocked opponents out for a play or the rest of the game. He seemed to think that was OK. He sided with the players even though he basically admitted that he thinks they were rewarded for injuring opponents. It doesn't matter if the hit was legal or illegal, it's wrong to intentionally injure an opponent and just as wrong to reward a player for it.
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