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  • PFWA Good Guy Award

    Didn't see it posted, but found this nugget on PFT -

    Tim Tebow is the most recent recipient of the Pro Football Writers of America Good Guy award. Past recipients of this award include Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees and Kurt Warner (read "guys that suck up to the media the most and reap the ensuing benefits").

    The difference between Tebow and the past winners is that Tebow is the same guy with the media that he is with everyone else. By all accounts, he's equally polite whether he's talking to a kid at an autograh signing or Shannon Sharpe on a televised interview. Looking at the others though, it's hard not to wonder if the reporting on them would be as clean if they weren't so "good" to the media. Brees would currently be labeled greedy and me-first while Rodgers' generally-douchy demeanor would have raised questions about his leadership (not saying either of those guys are really those things, but since when has that stopped the media).
    Hoping for a defensive-minded head coach and a return to the ZBS on offense. At the very least, no more cheaters for head coach.

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    Congrats to a former Bronco.


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      Well... good for him.


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        Who else should have won? He's the definition of a good guy
        "Happiness is just an illusion, filled with sadness and confusion." Jimmy Ruffin


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          Have to respect that, i like Tebow and wish him the best....