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Fox sports :Reports indicate that new deal between NFL, officials is done

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  • Fox sports :Reports indicate that new deal between NFL, officials is done

    As it turned out, the NFL's nightmare scenario -- a team losing a game it should have won -- was all it took for the league and the NFL Referees' Association to get back to the bargaining table and wrap up a new deal. Negotiations picked up momentum after the Seattle Seahawks beat the Green Bay Packers, 14-12, on Monday Night Football on a touchdown catch by Seattle receiver Golden Tate that was highly questionable.

    According to several reports from many sources, the two sides are ready to sign off on the details of a multi-year collective bargaining agreement that will bring the real officials back from their lockout and quite possibly on the field for Thursday night's game between the Baltimore Ravens and Cleveland Browns.

    [Busbee: Replacement refs responsible for everything that's wrong in the world]

    Tara Sullivan of the Bergen Record reports that the new collective bargaining agreement between the two sides will be eight years in length, and the question now is whether the league can get a crew to Baltimore's M&T Bank Stadium in time for the Thursday night game. The Ravens-Browns contest is scheduled to begin at 8:20 PM ET, and the officials need to ratify the new deal in person before they can hit the field. Sullivan also reports that a crew has not been assigned, but that this is obviously a major priority.

    Both sides are concerned that the Thursday night teams are not subject to the competitive imbalance that would result from some teams playing games under the jurisdiction of the replacement officials.

    Jim Daopoulos, a former NFL official who now works for Pro Football Talk and NBC Sports, told PFT on Wednesday evening that a new deal is done. Daopoulos reports that there will be a Thursday crew, and all the refs scheduled to work Sunday will head to Dallas to get their equipment and possibly take a quick refresher seminar.

    Peter King of reported earlier Wednesday that Ed Hochuli, the Arizona attorney considered the dean of NFL officials by most fans and media people, has been engaging the locked-out officials in weekly rules-related conference calls. All officials get a Hochulli-implemented test once a week, and Big Ed the Muscular then goes over the results with his comrades.

    "That's one of the reasons why the officials will be up to date and ready to go,'' a source told King. "Ed grabbed the bull by the horns and made sure that whenever this thing ended, the regular officials would be ready to go back to work immediately.''

    Stay timed for more details as they are made available


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    I guess we can thank Green Bay for this.......

    Not to mention the "threats" coming from the gambling community!!
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      And the fans... The outrage around the league played huge...
      Bronco fan sine '61...


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        So glad we have the regular zebras back wooo


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          Twitter has saved the world.


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            So interceptions aren't Touchdowns anymore?

            Dammitt!!! That sucks!

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              Watching NFL Network right now, Very happy the refs will be back tomorrow night!


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                About freaking time!!!!

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