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Which Ex-Broncos QB (Orton, Quinn, Tebow) Will Start First?

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  • Which Ex-Broncos QB (Orton, Quinn, Tebow) Will Start First?

    The NFL is a funny place, isn’t it?

    The three quarterbacks on the Broncos roster in 2011 are now all backups elsewhere: Kyle Orton in Dallas; Tim Tebow with the New York Jets; and Brandy Quinn in Kansas City.

    All three are suddenly (or, in the case of Tebow, not-so-suddenly) the most popular man in their respective towns, as Tony Romo, Mark Sanchez and Matt Cassel have all struggled of late.

    Romo, the Cowboys’ starter, threw five interceptions in Dallas’ Monday Night Football loss to the Chicago Bears ….. who were led by another former Broncos quarterback, Jay Cutler. Orton came in for the final series and led the Cowboys to garbage-time touchdown.

    In New York, meanwhile, the cries for Tebow are growing louder by the hour, especially after the Jets’ offense failed to score any points last week against San Francisco.

    And finally, in Kansas City, coach Romeo Crennel has said Quinn will be allowed to take some first-team snaps at practice, opening the door for playing time in a game.

    So, back to my question: Which of those three former Broncos ends up the starter on his new team first: Orton, Tebow or Quinn?
    Kyle Orton (Cowboys)
    Brady Quinn (Chiefs)
    Tim Tebow (Jets)
    Ingle Martin (Christ Presbyterian Academy, Coach)


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    Hmmm tough question.

    I dont think itll be Orton. Romo has been starting there for years, I dont think thatll change.

    Once again Tebow might because of the fans.

    I think "Brandy" Quinn has the best shot to be honest and I think he would actually do better than Cassel.


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      I'd say Quinn, although I'd like it to be Tebow, just to see what happens!
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        Vote Tebow because it is the most likely

        But man do I hope Orton starts for Dallas. Do not like Dallas and would not mind them getting a taste of the stuff we did but on the other side of the coin Orton is a real good character guy who worked his butt off here and I would like to see him get another shot...even if I think he will blow it.
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          I am going to say Brady Quinn. Romeo has allready said he may look at Quinn to replace Cassel.


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            I voted for Ingle Martin.


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              Originally posted by jetrazor74 View Post
              I voted for Ingle Martin.
              You and me both, brutha! The ingle has always Been the starter in our it's time for the field.


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                I will say Brady Quinn. I thought he would get a shot to start at some point this season when he signed with Kansas City. Matt Cassell is not good and I feel that Brady Quinn could actually do a solid job with a shot at starting. I would be rooting for him to do well actually.

                Kyle Orton will not start. Tony Romo is a very good quarterback and had one bad day. He will bounce back and play well. There will be no knee jerk reactions by the Dallas Cowboys. The team is not run by fans and fans are dumb. Anyone who calls for a change in Dallas deserves a kick in the face.

                Tim Tebow. He probably will get his shot. It will be great to hear Tebow fans going on about he has no weapons and the coaches are setting him up to fail. After recently getting the all 22 film package from it proves even more and supports me even more in how poor Tebow was as the quarterback in games last year. The guy has little potential and has improved so little in recent times that I think it would be bad in New York. And he will get fried there by the media and the fans. I wonber if there fans are blind and gullible like ours ?


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                  The first ex-Bronco to start a game will be...

                  ...Jay Cutler.

                  I win.

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                    I gotta say Tebow. Orton will not start a game for Dallas unless Romo gets injured. He's talented, but had one bad game. Cassell makes too much money (62 million for 6 years) to sit on the bench. That would be a real waste of money. Besides, Quinn hasn't played a regular season game since 2009! Even if Cassel didn't make that much, I would still be more comfortable starting him over Quinn.

                    And now for Tebow. Fans follow him everywhere. They don't care if he's a bad thrower or has terrible football I.Q. He can bring excitement to a team (that I agree with), and can win in the league. Sure, Sanchez just signed an extension there, but he's only making 20 million in guarantees for 3 years. That's not as much as Cassel. The media of New York will be the death of Mark Sanchez, but it'll probably be the death of Tebow too.

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                      Tebow, and it wont be because of the fans, which I find such a ridiculous notion that people actually believe.

                      It will be tebow because sanchez sucks. He is the worst of the three QBs (Romo and Cassell and himself) The jets need a spark, just like the broncos did last year. Tebow, hate him or love him, is that spark, we saw it last year. He will be the one who starts first.
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                        The Jets have lost their best player on both sides of the ball. IMO they should put Tebow in a full-fledged Single Wing and ride out the season.

                        In the event Brady Quinn starts for KC, we'll find out if he can play in the NFL or not. Some QBs find a way to beat defenses that apply a lot of pressure on them and some wilt. Quinn will have a chance to show which he is.
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                          Barring injury to Romo, Orton won't start. Romo is still on eof the top 7-8 QB's in the league, one really bad game does not change that.

                          Quinn might if they keep losing.

                          I hope they start Tebow and the Tebow fans can make excuses how he has no weapons among other things.

                          Quinn, Tebow, Orton in that order.


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                            Well, judging from what they've been doing with him in the game, I doubt that the Jets even have an offense for Tebow. They're also in denial about Sanchez.

                            The Cowboys are married to Tony Romo. Plus they paid him all that money knowing what kind of quarterback he is. He'll probably turn around and throw for 400yds and three touchdowns. People will go back to trying to convince me that he's an elite quarterback again.

                            Matty Lice on the other hand. You know Crennel is ready to pull the trigger. He wants to keep being a head coach. I don't think Quinn is going to save his job though.


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                              As others have already mentioned, I really doubt Orton see's the field again barring injury to Romo. Plus at least 3 of Romo's pick's were not entirely his fault in my opinion. But I'm not making the decisions in Dallas.

                              However I really believe they are close to pulling the plug on Cassell in Kansas City. So to me it's between Quinn and Tebow on who will start first. Who actually does no one knows, if Sanchez pulls his head out of his your know what he may hang on the the job for a while longer or the entire season. If they get to a point where they can't come back from and the season is lost might as well try Tebow.

                              However I think the league really figured us and Tebow out at the end of the season. Most forget we lost our last 3 regular season games where we only averaged 13.3 points per game.

                              Tebow had one good game against a good Pittsburgh defense but I attribute that game more to the Steelers being too arrogant against Tebow. All other teams shut our low powered offense down. With Tebow you basically get a poor mans Cam Newton...maybe a broke man's Cam Newton.

                              Quinn has a lot to prove, Joel Klatt mentioned on air that many around Dove Valley think Quinn got the shaft, so who knows maybe he will do good. Good luck to both of them, however I really don't care if any of them do good.

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