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Coach Speak: Shanahan quits?

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    The worst thing the Redskins could do is get rid of Shanahan and turn him into Alex Smith. Meaning, Alex Smith has just had for the first time in his career, the same OC for 2 straight years.

    The Redskins have not had Garcon, Fred Davis is out and now Santana Moss. Shanahan has discovered yet another RB that is also in the running for ROY.

    Then the Redskins defense. They were top 10 when they were fully healthy last year and they have had serious injuries this year. Carriker and Orakpo are possibly their best defenders and their main problem has been a lack of pressure. QBs have had too much time and that is why they are getting burned in the secondary.

    Of their 6 losses, 3 are directly realted to their defensive ineptitude.

    It is clear watching them play that they are very innovative and really know to utilize ALL of the RGIII's strengths. Although they need to stop exposing him to the big hits. That is just stupid.

    Bottom line is he needs to have a few years developing RGIII. If they improve their defense with players coming back. FA, and the draft will help.

    Plus, Shanahan never said he was giving up on the season, but when you are 3-6, and certain players are not giving great effort it is worth reminding them that they SHOULD NOT give up on the season.

    Everyone hears what they hear. Miscommunication or mis-interpreting is our society's biggest problem.
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      Originally posted by assassin216 View Post
      I understand that but people are giving him a pass,what he said....Can you imagine if a player said the same exact thing alot of members would be killing him....On top of that people act like Shannhan didnt put that team together....

      All season people been talking about how bad the defense been but everyone wants to say "He dont have a good defense",well he's the one who hand picked the players...they should blame him,instead of acting like those players came on the team out of nowhere....
      If a coach like Shanahan says this, it's a motivational tactic to get his team to play harder. He's not giving up on the season at all, there's certain players he has that he either thinks or knows aren't trying as hard as they can so by saying this he's trying to indirectly challenge them to play every play as hard as they can.

      Also the team really isn't that bad. They're solid all the way through, they just have huge injuries to key positions. Playing without your starting Safeties is hard in the NFL especially when Shanahan hasn't been there long enough to establish the depth he really needs. He lost his best pass rusher in Orakpo and it's really hindered Kerrigan on the other side. He's got Perry Riley playing really well, Rob Jackson looks like another good ILB once the ageless London Fletcher retires. CB isn't a weakness over there either. Hall, Griffin, Wilson, and Crawford is a pretty good group and still fairly young. That secondary would look great with Merriweather, Jackson, and Orakpo all playing.


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        Originally posted by assassin216 View Post
        Its amazing how people are making excuses for him,because if this was a player saying the exact thing...people on this board would be crucifying him....

        And for the people that says he has no team,he's the one who pick those players...I mean really how can you defend a guy that hand picked those players and then turn around and say the team sucks...I dont understand that logic,this is the reason why he was let go in Denver,because his evaluation of talent is bad......If this was any other coach,everybody would be saying he needs to go and etc,but since this is Mike Shannahan,he gets a pass even though he pick those bad players....
        Well, guys like Shanahan, Fisher or Belichick will get the benefit of the doubt. Shanahan has earned a reputation over many, many years of not being a quitter.

        Originally posted by MileHighStud View Post
        He never was the Coach he once "was".
        Sure, and John Elway wasn't that great, neither was Terrell Davis, right?
        Hoping for a defensive-minded head coach and a return to the ZBS on offense. At the very least, no more cheaters for head coach.


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          Originally posted by AC1 View Post
          Shanahan will have this team as a championship contender in two years.
          I doubt it.


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            I think Shanahan can be a little too predictable at times, but with RG3 as his QB and a healthy team I imagine he'll be right back in the wins over the next couple years.

            I always liked him in Denver, and was sad when he left originally
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              WSH needs to draft some YOUNG, explosive WRs, and fix the D some more & they'll be a contender next year
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