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    Originally posted by samparnell View Post
    If I thought you knew the difference between a down block and a reach, I'd be glad to talk football with you, but ... CLVI, professor.

    btw I saw no footnotes or bibliography.
    Enjoy my ignore. This is football, not an academic paper.
    The Browns are gone; I'm not a fan of the Impostors

    The real Browns are in Baltimore, see?


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      Originally posted by samparnell View Post
      Your memory goes back to when you were three years old?
      I was a very bright child

      Don't know what happened after that


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        Originally posted by 80stheman View Post
        The 1969 NFL Championship game was, if memory serves, the first to be called the Super Bowl. After that, obviously, the first two NFLCGs were subsequently referred to as Super Bowls I & II.
        Wrong. In 1969 the merger had yet to take place. The games were called the Super Bowl from the first one between the Packers and the Chiefs in January of 1967. This was when there were two pro football leagues.
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