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Will Kyle Shanahan be a hot commodity for a coaching position?

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    He's pretty young. Maybe if Stan went along ...
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      Kyle will ABSOULTELY not leave Washington. Why the hech would he? Kyle is an offensive genius, and he has what one could argue the most physically gifted quarterback in the NFL. Griffin has track speed, with pinpoint accuracy, and the decision making skills of a 10 year vet. Kyle is like a kid in a candy store with Griffin.

      Griffin leads all QBs in rushing, 6th in the NFL in completion percentage, 1st in the NFL in yards per pass, 2nd highest QB rating, and a 20:5 TD/INT ratio.

      Kyle will stay in Washington with his father, and then take over the team as head coach when Mike hangs it up in 3-5 years.


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        Originally posted by AC1 View Post
        Getting back to the original topic, Kyle might leave Washington if the right opportunity presented itself. Chicago is certainly a great opportunity with a franchise QB and a good defense. He's not going to the Eagles and face his dad twice a year, nor is he going to the Chargers to face us twice a year (the Shanahans still root for Denver). He's also not going to the Jets since they don't have a franchise QB. The only places I can see him going are either Chicago, Detroit or New Orleans (if for some reason, they let Payton go).
        I disagree with the going against Denver part. I wil agree that I doubt Kyle goes to the eagles, but that has as much to do with the qb and city situation as it does with playing his dad. No qb and instant intense pressure in the Phylly market. I think Kyle would leave for the right situation and I could see that happening in San Diego. He would have a good qb already in place and if they clean out the GM spot he thinks he can work with the next guy to develope what he wants from a team I could see him their. If he wants a head coaching spot then he should take it when its the right situation. I seriously doubt he doesn't take it just cause he likes Denver. Unless Denver is in the running for hiring him, he and Mike need to put themselves in the best situations to succeed. I could totally see him going to the chargers.
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