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Could Pro Bowl be replaced by Senior Bowl?

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  • Could Pro Bowl be replaced by Senior Bowl?

    The Pro Bowl's future is very much in doubt. Could a college all-star game like the Senior Bowl replace it? Albert Breer has the scoop.

    The Pro Bowl will go on this year, but NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has made no secret of the fact that the all-star game may not continue in future years.

    So what would a Pro Bowl-less NFL calendar look like? According to's Albert Breer, one possibility would be replacing the game with a college all-star game.

    Breer writes that the AFC and NFC's all-star team could be recognized at the NFL Honors award show on the Saturday before the Super Bowl, with the college players hitting the field after.

    "That game would likely be an existing college event, most likely the Senior Bowl, which would be moved to be part of the NFL calendar, with the thought that it could kick off draft season and highlight prospects on a bigger stage, though the league would certainly be careful about NCAA rules entanglements," Breer writes.

    The concept would be to mix today's stars with future stars. Breer's well-researched piece has comments from NFL executive vice president of business ventures Eric Grubman, who sounds like he doesn't see a traditional Pro Bowl in the future.

    "If I had to guess, five or 10 years from now, there would be a celebration of the best NFL players, the best performances, a focus on records and achievements, and less of a focus on the field," Grubman said.

    Players may not love the idea because they make money for the Pro Bowl, although their contract incentives for making the team would still make sense as long as an all-star team was announced.

    "I don't know why everybody's <censored> and complaining," Washington Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall said. "I'm sure they generate enough revenue not to want to shut it down, so I don't know why there's complaining about the quality of the game. It's not the Super Bowl; it's not a playoff game. It's an all-star game. We need to remember that. It's an all-star game. We go out there to have fun."

    That argument no longer carries much weight because the quality of the game is so low. Instead, we might get a game full of college players with a whole lot more on the line than just having fun
    I actually don't think this is a terrible idea since the probowl isn't even worth turning on any more lol. And bringing the college game to light would be a plus in my eyes.

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    About time they seriously thought about ending the probowl.


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      great idea. would be better


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        Only problem is that organized crime operation called the NCAA. Other than that it would be a cool idea. Probably the best idea the Troll has come up with.


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          I don't believe they really will end the pro bowl. Roger G may whine about the lack of aggressive play, but the fact remains the game is a money maker. It still gets excellent ratings, better than most NBA playoff games, I believe.

          IMO, this is just Roger making threats to try and motivate the players.

          The same type of play happens in the NBA all star game, and it's not going anywhere either.
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            Whatever happened to the skills competition? That was so much better then the probowl game!


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              Making the Senior bowl after they announce the Pro Bosl rosters...

              I would totally watch this to see the exciting new rooks and it would get people more involved and excited pre-draft.