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Not sure why they were ejected....

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  • Not sure why they were ejected....

    Granted I hate both of these teams but i'm at a loss for words

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    Originally posted by roushmartin6 View Post
    Granted I hate both of these teams but i'm at a loss for words
    I think the early ejections should set a precedent. There have been so many instances where players should have been ejected and weren't. And though it seemed extreme for these ejections, it was warranted. Cut the crap fights and take it out in the parameters of the game like they used to do. Because u can grab a face mask and jerk someone's head does not make u a tough guy. Makes u an idiot.

    Jaw-jacking is part of the game and these guys need to learn how to take it. Everyone is too sensitive and the NFL needs to hose those fires early and more often.


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      We once had a couple of challenged players on JV who were ejected for fighting with each other after an argument which started when one called the other stupid. That was a unique experience.
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        For his behavior during the tussle, it could go either way. Sure, there were no punches or anything. But, he (Spikes) certainly did not help his case with his behavior after the decision.

        Once the ejection was announced, Spikes did his absolute best to justify the refs decision to eject him - including getting in the face of a referee and throwing his helmet.
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          Why would anyone want Spikes on their team? He's a guarantee to miss the playoffs every year.