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    So, another 1,500+ yard rusher for Mike Shanahan. I haven't seen the Redskins play at all this year, so the question is how talented young Mr. Morris is: is he the product of Shanahan's system (compounded with the threat of RGIII), or is he a genuinely good runner (or both)? Is he more Mike Anderson/Clinton Portis, or Olandis Gary/Selvin '2K' Young?

    I've only got to see some highlight videos - the guy certainly seems to run with authority and win a lot in contact. However, I've also seen some gaping holes made by the OL which Mo Clarett could make at least 5 yards through. Of course, highlights are the worst things to use for player evaluation, hence why I'm asking you guys. I have to say though, I love the guy's attitude...wish there were more of that in today's NFL.


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    I don't know, but RBs continued success in Shannys system is the reason why I think TD won't make it in the HOF.


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      hes a strong tough runner, with avg speed. i think hes a good player but also a product of the system


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        Defenses concentrate too much on RG3, it gives Morris less attention and he's certainly taken advantage.

        You've seen this countless times this year. Teams get too worked up about RG3's rushing ability that they try to keep him in a pocket and he's punished teams who are lazy in deep coverage. RG3 has really elevated everyones play on that team. I'm not his biggest fan but that can't be ignored.


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          Mike Shanahan has used the zone series as his base rushing offense for a long time. He still has Bobby Turner coaching the RBs.

          Kyle Shanahan has added the Pistol which is more balanced than Spread Option.

          Morris and Griffin have combined for over 2400 rushing yards. IDK how many of Morris' yards were from give on Option, or how many of Griffin's were keep.

          The Mike Shanahan/Alex Gibbs/Rick Dennison/Bobby Turner rushing attack has traditionally been very running back friendly: Terrell Davis, Olandis Gary, Mike Anderson, Clinton Portis, Reuben Droughns, Tatum Bell, Selvin Young.

          How Morris would do in an offense where the QB was not part of the rushing attack is a good question. I doubt if he would have as many yards in a non-Option O, but Shanahan & Co. have had a number of 1000+ yard guys.
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            Morris would be good with any team in any scheme. He's a power runner for sure, but he has amazingly quick feet and it's why he's excelled this year in the zone blocking scheme. People want to credit RG3 for his rushing yards, but he'd do that without RG3, he is that good. Wouldn't be surprised if he gets 2000 at some point in his career. Honestly he reminds me of a bigger, stockier Terrell Davis.


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              Yeah I was reading profootball focus and they mentioned something along the lines against dallas that 106ish yards of his 200+ were after contact. That is impressive.

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                Originally posted by CanDB
                I can answer that.......he finished 2nd to AP in rushing yards, as a rookie!!! Look at these stats:

                1,613 yards rushing
                4.8 yd avg
                13 TDs
                20.9 carries per game

                This from a 6th rounder, who was timed at 4.67!!

                Listen, no question that RGIII made it easier for him, with the way he forces teams to defend, but cmon......1,613 yards!!!

                Come to think of it, Shanny had a pretty non-shabby draft, and I don't even know much about some of the guys. RGIII, Morris and Cousins have all been instrumental in this year's performance. As I say, they picked some other players, and if any of them make an impact, this is one heck of draft!!! (It is regardless!)

                Back to the topic.......does this prove once again that Shanny can turn anyone into a successful back? Sure looks like it.

                Dang.....I quickly looked for another Morris thread, and clearly blew it.......sorry! Hope my previous post makes sense now.



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                  So I think it's a mix of talent and scheme. It blows my mind that no matter who runs behind a Shanahan scheme, he's guaranteed 1000 yards. And this spans the spectrum from below-average players in a great scheme to great players in a great scheme. You have guys like Reuben Droughns and Olandis Gary to guys like Terrell Davis and Arian Foster (ok, so Foster isn't playing for Shanahan, but Kubiak having been the OC in Denver under Mike does also use a similar scheme in Houston). I think Morris falls somewhere in between.

                  But wow, I sure wish we had that kind of running scheme (though I suppose it'd be counter to our talent at the moment since we have Manning).


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                    That man is strong as hell. Pretty decent, despite the scheme's help.


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                      He's decent, but he's also a huge product of the system. Shanny is famous for taking late round guys and letting them flourish. He looks like a Mike Anderson clone to me.