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    NE is going to feast on some flesh next week. I have never seen a more pathetic play off game.
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      No kidding, both teams were absolutely horrid. Neither team showed intensity at all. Let's go Colts.
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        Originally posted by Manning4life View Post
        NE is going to feast on some flesh next week. I have never seen a more pathetic play off game.
        Witch King of Angmar reference?

        Originally posted by The Witch King
        Feast on his flesh.


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          Love the combo of navy blue and gray on Cris. Not a fan of Cris though.
          Team Broncos!
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            I'm really torn. I'm leaning towards Baltimore only because I think we would destroy Joe ( I'm not close to elite) Flacco with our defense, the altitude and the 12th man. Something about the Colts that makes my stomach turn and burn. But that might be just the wings speaking to me that I had for dinner. I think the wife will be making me sleep in the spare bedroom tonight.


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              And then there were two options! I just think the ravens will be tough at home and the colts won't get it done. Hopefully we crush the ravens again. Colts we haven't seen all year so could be interesting. We are better than both teams obviously. Lets just hope we show it. Go Broncos!


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                Texans and Bungals looked flat, I felt like I was on morphine watching them, and the world is glad the Zombie Bowl is over. Houston deserves to be crushed for playing this way, and, barring a miracle, they will be next week. I wanted Baltimore to go to NE but... oh well...nothing will stop Elway from hoisting the Lombardi once more so it's all irrelvant. At least the Pack and Vikes look alive tonight, hope this is a good rematch!

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                  I was going for the Texans on the basis that they have a better chance to beat New England than Baltimore, though both should be big underdogs.

                  And now I'm going for the Colts because they are historically overrated by their record. They were outscored by 30 points on the season while facing a very easy schedule. Football Outsiders DVOA rating which correlates very well with future success has them rated as the 25th best team. Advanced NFL stats rating has them in the twenties as well.

                  They have a terrible defense against the run and the pass. Andrew luck has a promising future and he's certainly made some plays, but he also has thrown 18 interceptions which is just one less than the league leader.

                  Anybody, really, anybody has to be favored in a game against the Colts going forward.

                  So, our best odds are that we face the Colts and not Baltimore in the divisional round.

                  The Colts are the inferior team to Baltimore, but Baltimore can still lose if the Colts get some lucky bounces and that would give Denver the easiest game. I'm also going to root for Houston against New England (Obviously).

                  As for the NFC, I'm going to root for the Redskins (Even if their name is racist) because I'm a fan of Shanahan and because they are a very good team with the best DVOA rating in the league (Denver's second and our performances have been more consistent) and I'm going to generally root for the Falcons to win it all in the NFC. They should be underdogs against SF, GB and Seattle according to advanced metrics. I'm going to root for a Vikings victory because Green Bay is rated pretty good by advanced metrics as well and because they've done it through injuries. That would also give the Falcons the best chance of sneaking into the superbowl. Either way, I expect that SF, GB or Sea will be the team to make the superbowl, but it isn't written in stone.
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