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New GM Caldwell says Jags won't pursue Tebow

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    Originally posted by Mk2_Tebow View Post
    Westhoff was very clear and critical just like Jets Defensive lineman Devito was ( 2 on record now and not anonymous) that Tebow did not get a fair shot .
    Wethoff also said that they NEVER , not even once practiced or worked on the plays they asked him to execute on game day .
    That's not what he said.


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      I read several newspaper articles on the Mike Westhoff statements which were posted on the internet. They included quite a few direct quotes (i.e., w/quotation marks). His quotes are quite clear that his expectation was that some kind of an offense, suitable for Tebow, would be installed during training camp. He was also clear in saying that did not happen. He stated that Tebow has limitations which call for something similar to what the Broncos did with him.
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        Oh.. thanks for the response. I guess it was what I was reading. I sometimes wonder how much the QB controversy has to do with how the starter plays. A couple years ago, I use to think Sanchez was a good QB. Then they bring Tebow in as what I thought was competition for the starting position and neither had a good season.

        The only reason I was never impressed with Tebow in Denver is because I'm more of a fan of the receivers than I am the QB, but in order to enjoy watching the receivers the QB has to give them a chance to be in the game. my opinion.
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          Dear Tebow's Brother,

          Am I the only one happy about this right now!!! That's called karma, Mr. Fat Older Brother of Tebow!!!


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