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Some Sympathy For The Rams and The Cards - Play Kaepernick and Wilson Twice A Year

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  • Some Sympathy For The Rams and The Cards - Play Kaepernick and Wilson Twice A Year

    Just think about next year, with a solid season under their belts, what it would be like in the same division as Kaepernick and Wilson......two games each!! Those two studs, playing for really good teams, will be a nightmare to play against......given you would have 4 games against them.

    Interestingly, St. Lou also had to compete against a young gun named RGIII earlier this year as well. Mind you, all three players grew as the season progressed, so the earlier games were not as difficult as the future ones were, and will be.

    But this year anyway, The Rams did very well against SF, Seattle and Washington, ending up with 3 wins, 1 tie, and only 1 a fairly close end of the season game in Seattle. They may just have the right D going forward. Trouble is, their O does not have enough time of possession to help them out. And if they don't change direction to some degree, they will be in a bad situation, pending how good Kaepernick and Wilson turn out to be.

    Anyway......this all hit me when thinking about this new wave of mobile QBs with arms, and how hard it is to defend against them. And I found it interesting that the most notable three (make that four with Cam in the mix) are all in the NFC.......with two in the same division.

    Do you think the copycat NFL will find a way to manage the option-oriented teams that can kill you in more ways than one.....or two or even three? Or do we see a continued trend to highly mobile QBs (with arms)?

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    Now I really feel sorry for St. Lou and Arizona!!!

    These young "mobile" guns are changing the game to some degree, although I believe that traditional drop back QBs can still rule as well. Regardless, I think the job of DC will be more challenging than ever, trying to defend the various styles, especially when the guys can run, but also pass with accuracy and zip!!!


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      Bradford's nothing compared to those guys. Sucks.

      Zona is going to bite it for a few years.