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Shouldn't Ray Lewis Be Suspended?

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    I guess it's a matter of opinion but IGF is not a big deal to me...and I don't see why it should be a big deal to anyone. You can literally but it ANYWHERE,

    Mother earth, GNC, Whole Foods all carry this spray. I believe it is just a precursor to natural HGH levels in the body. You can boost your own HGH in any number of way...all of which are legal.

    Anybody here lift weights? Do you drink a protein shake pre/post workout? If yes, your doing so in order to consume a high level of amino acids. Taken at a high enough dosage, specific amino acids boots your HGH levels naturally. This spray just skips a few steps of that process if I understand it correctly.

    Other than haities w/ Ray Lewis.


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      I wouldn't be surprised if he used steroids in our last game cause dude was pumped up all game long making play all over the field like he was he is prime still LOL.

      If Lance Armstrong admitted it so can Lewis LOL!


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        Its funny how all this stuff about him using PED's comes out the week before the Superbowl.....They had all season to bring this up and yet they waited,until the Superbowl week...

        This is a witchhunt by the media to destroy Ray Lewis credibility

        Its amazing how they didnt bring up Roethisberger's sexual assault cases when he was in the Superbowl two years ago and yet they want to bring up something that happened 12 years ago again...

        I know....I know...two different circumstances and I agree but it still dont take away how they ignore Big Ben's sexual assault cases and yet want to bring up the Ray Lewis situation...

        This is why, I understand why some athletes dont want to deal with the media....I understand its part of the job but for the media to hype someone up and then tear them down is ridiculous...
        I support Kaepernick 100%


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          Team Broncos!
          2013 Adopt A Bronco Peyton Manning|#18|QB


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            No one would care about this spray if Rahim Moore had done his job.