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Best and Worst teams of 2013?

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    Best Teams: Denver and Seattle
    Worst Teams: Oakland and NY Jets


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      Originally posted by BroncoFanBoy View Post
      The schedule is part of my point. You thought they'd be the worst team in the league last year, and they went 5-11.
      The reason they went 5-11 was because they got "lucky". Now, by getting "lucky" they have been downgraded. They got rid of several good players and replaced them with overrated players and coaches. What makes this team better than last year?

      With the exception of the head coach, and Paul Kruger, the team is pretty much the same they were last year.
      Actually, no. They are a very different team this year. Instead of having Jabaal Sheard the defensive lineman, they have Jabaal Sheard the linebacker. Why? Because the team switched defensive schemes. The team had some decent 4-3 players. But, the defense now is a 3-4 made up of several players from a 4-3, that are now out of position. To try and remedy that, they signed a situational pass rusher that wasn't really that impressive when he was with the Ravens. The only time he actually made an impact on the Ravens was when Suggs returned - who was then double teamed by opposing teams - leaving Kruger free. The Browns do not have a player like Suggs on the team. So, the team overpaid for an overrated player. Kruger is just not that good. He was on a "good" team and now he is on a horrible team and is expected to be the primary pass rushing threat on the team. If he couldn't succeed in Baltimore without Suggs getting double teamed, how will he succeed in Cleveland where there is no player like Suggs?

      Their schedule is easier this year than it was last year, IMO. The team sucks, yes, but I don't think they will do worse than teams like Jacksonville or the Jets.
      Easier? Depends on a lot of factors. The team has a brand new head coach that is an overrated offensive coordinator. How do I know he is an overrated offensive coordinator? He was an offensive coordinator for the Browns!! He was a horrible offensive coordinator with the Browns and now, is the Browns head coach. To try and make things "easier" for this horrible head coach, the team went and hired has-been offensive and defensive coordinators in Norv Turner and whomever that guy from the Cardinals is. Yea, the Cardinals defensive coordinator is now the Browns defensive coordinator - you know, that amazing team in Arizona that is a perennial playoff non-contender.

      Then, Norv Turner. The same Norv Turner that road the coat-tails of Marty Schottenheimer. Schottenheimer made the Chargers a good team, and Norv Turner left things pretty much the same as Schottenheimer had them. Then, the players started retiring/leaving the team and he sucked. No surprise there. Now, he is expected to pick up the slack from a horrible head coach hiring in Cleveland? On top of that there was the horrible signing of Mike Lombardi to be general manager.

      So, the team now wastes money on situational pass rushers in free agency - I can't wait to see what they waste it on in the draft. My guess? They'll draft a player best fit for a 4-3. Why? Because everyone is inept in the organization, that's why.

      Things are not "getting better". Things are getting worse, and worse, and worse. There is even a rumor that the team is so desperate for a "new" quarterback and tight end that they are considering pursuing Derek Anderson and Kellen Winslow. Hell, why don't they throw Brady Quinn in there too?
      The Browns are gone; I'm not a fan of the Impostors

      The real Browns are in Baltimore, see?


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        Best: Broncos, I honestly mean this. I smell a dynastic team taking form. The addition of Welker is HUGE. Manning's second year back will be ridiculous.

        Worst: far. Such a mess, Tenn has gotten seemingly better. Houston is riding quite a wave and the Colts showed their moxie last year. Consider the division, the Jags are tanked for 2013.
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          Charlie, you make a good point about Kruger, I'll give you that. However, now teams will have to worry about him and Sheard. Jabaal did have 7 sacks last season. He's a better DE than OLB, but he still did decent. Having someone like Kruger around should improve his numbers since he's no longer the only good pass rusher. They did also get Desmond Bryant, who had 4 sacks as a DT. Kinda overpaid for him too, but maybe he'll pan out.

          As for the coaches, I know very little about your new head coach, so I will not argue about him, but you didn't like Shurmur either so it'll just be another badly coached year.

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            Best- Seahawks
            Worst- Cowboys.


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                Best: 49ers, Seahawks, Pats, Broncos
                Worst: Bills, Raiders, Jaguars

                The Bills are going to be brutally terrible this year. Unless Kolb somehow lives up to what he was supposed to be when he was traded, we are headed for 3 wins. Kolb is driving the tank this season!
                "Something special is about to go down and I want to be a part of it." - FJ