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Anyone seen this Earl Campbell video ?

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  • Anyone seen this Earl Campbell video ?

    Hall of Fame running back Earl Campbell's most famous play featured him using the crown of his helmet to hit a defender. That play would draw a penalty under a new NFL rule. Campbell is not amused.

    Couldn't agree more

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    When I lived in Houston (briefly) I got the chance to meet Earl. What a down to earth nice guy. He was in his hay day with the Oilers when I met him and OMG the legs on that man were as big as my waist. Somewhere I have a picture of my mom sitting on his lap.

    But I have to agree with big Earl. QB's are treated like queens, and the game is going in the wrong direction and if they are afraid to bump into each other as Earl puts it than they should just change to flag football.

    If they keep changing these rules I may have to start looking for investors that would like to start a real football league and Goodell can have his pansy football league for men in dresses.
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      I bet that old man can still crush a D. I grew up absolutely loving to watch that bulldog run the ball.
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        I agree with him as well, and I actually saw good signs of real football surviving in 2011, especially with teams like SFO and thought maybe they would stop at the defenseless receiver rules...but it appears they are trying to take things in the wrong direction even further.