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    It's a passer's league. You can win a lot of games without much of a run game. The league has helped by throwing flags with regularity. Contact with a QB or Receiver is a no no! Therefore Ds have to make smart choices when defending.

    It's very tough to defend the pass.


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      Originally posted by GoManning View Post
      Not a good day for ref Bill Leavy.

      Dude better not handle any playoff games.
      During a third-and-6 scramble by 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, a muddled enforcement where the difference was milliseconds wound up being a difference of four points. Packers linebacker Clay Matthews was flagged for a late hit on Kaepernick well after Kaepernick had stepped out of bounds. The two teams engaged in a small scuffle afterward, when the 49ers were hit with unnecessary roughness foul.

      Because the Matthews foul was two steps after the ball was dead, the fouls were on the dead-ball side of the ledger, and the proper call is to offset the two fouls and the down counts. That would have given the 49ers a fourth down and a likely field goal situation.

      Instead, Bill Leavy and the crew offset and replayed the down. The 49ers took another shot for the end zone, and they scored.

      The change in enforcement is clearly defined, but a foul a half-second earlier would have a different enforcement. If the Matthews foul was a live-ball foul with Kaepernick in bounds (a different penalty, of course), and it is paired with the 49ers post-play foul as part of the continuing actions, then the fouls offset at the previous spot. Third down. Literally two steps made the difference on enforcement.
      Weird set of downs......The Packers accept a 5 yard penalty on the prior play, even though it was 4th and 1. I didn't get the reason. Maybe SF goes for it, but not likely. Probably saves them 4 points.

      On the botched ref call, even though I'm a Packer fan, I thought Clay got lucky, because he looked more aggressive with Staley, and probably should have got another penalty.

      But yah, I thought it was 4th down when it happened, instead of replay of down.


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        Originally posted by CanDB View Post
        It's a passer's league.
        "NFL quarterbacks combined for a whopping 63 touchdown passes on opening weekend, exceeding the highest total passes in any week in NFL history (58 in 2004 and 2007 late in each season)."

        Really devalues passing accomplishments for me. Comparing Marino's records to the current day is no more fair than comparing 16-game records to 14-game ones.